Sunday, August 21, 2011

He's Back!

So, so thankful our Mark is home from Fiji! It went well and it was very interesting... in many ways!
Not quite what he thought it would be science wise BUT he had a great experience!!

He wore a sulu while he was there- basically a clothe wrapped around like a skirt, when he was in the villages. He did not stay at the vacation spots but instead lived on the islands like the Fijian's!

He learned a few common words and snorkeled amongst the MOST beautiful coral reefs you can imagine!

He shaved his head before leaving and didn't bother with his hair the rest of the time hence the beard!
Everyone was surprised!
I think he looks like honest Abe!

Mark was our "manny" for 2 summers! Therefore he is very popular with the younger children!
I love how much the younger children love the older children!
It was definitely a highlight to have him come home!

We are so thankful he is here! Safe and sound!
 He will only be home for 2 weeks and then he goes back to college...


Lori said...

Oh wow, what an adventure!!

I'm sure you are SO glad to have him home...even for just a little while!

Cute, cute pics!

Anonymous said...

Mark's adventure sounds fabulous. I'm so thankful he is safely home with you all. It's so great to see pictures of him with your littles. Their precious smiles tell it all - happiness and joy is written all over their faces.

Anonymous said...

Jean! These photos are so sweet.
Mark looks like you, don't you think?
Enjoy every minute with him these next couple weeks.

Sally-Girl! said...

He is soooo handsome!!! What a great life he is leading!