Monday, August 8, 2011

Only GOD!

Only God would take a perfect little 8 yr old boy and welcome him to his heavenly home!

Only God would comfort a family so greatly that they are actually praising and thanking him for his peace.

Only God would hear the prayers of many for a dear family that has lost their precious son and then send a sign that he is indeed with... HIM.

Only God would love a man, a father of a child, so much that he would take his shaky faith during a time of sadness and questions and allow it to grow.

Only God can show us that these bodies that we are in, are only a vessel to house our souls. A soul that belongs to HIM.

Only God can touch so many lives through the loss of a child...

Dear friends- your prayers have been heard and truly exceeded our expectations. I ask you to please continue to pray for Michaels family- their journey of grief and hope is not over. Periodic pain will persist, but you can make a difference in this battle.  

You have already made a difference in the lives of this family... from what I can see so far it is nothing short of a miracle!  

It is so important to see the journey through until it is in it's completion- 


Your prayers make a difference AND they are impacting the family more than you will ever know!

God Bless You- truly- God Bless You!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Jean: My heart is so broken, and so heavy, for this family. I have no words to express what is in my heart. I know this is God's plan, but it's so heartbreaking. Following is an illustration that one of my friends sent to me many years ago. It helps bring comfort to me in my times of distress. I also want to share a link to a song that helps me so much.

One day I was crossing a bridge with God. I was so scared and asked GOD, “...Can I hold your hand so I won’t fall into the river?”

GOD said, “No my child, I should hold your hand…”

I asked, “What’s the difference?”

GOD replied, “If you hold my hand and something happens, you might let go. If I hold your hand, no matter what happens, I’ll never let go….”

"Open Our Eyes"- Maranatha Singers

My prayers continue for precious Michael's family, and for you. Sending my prayers, love, and healing peaceful thoughts across the many miles. xoxoxo

Sarah said...

I will keep praying!

living4him5 said...

My heart is so broken for this family. I am still praying!

Amy <><

Chad and Kristy said...

As I read your post I thought back to something I read this morning..
a family who was agonizing over a situation in their adoption was given the advice: "yes, but in this process you will learn things about the heart of God that you might not otherwise know."

How hard and difficult it is to understand times like this but those words of wisdom still apply.. oh the things we will learn about the heart of God in times like this.

Praising God in the midst of heartache..Praying for this family in the coming days.

Sophie said...

I'm so sad for this family their loss is huge and they have a long road ahead of them. I pray that the Lord carries them through this painful time and fills the void in their hearts with His loving presence.

The Heald Family said...

I am praying for Michael's family & friends as they mourn their loss. Thank you for pointing us to the Lord. Love........Cathy

TanyaLea said...

Oh Jean ~ I missed these posts as we were gone. This is SO sad and just breaks my heart. It always amazes me when I hear stories like this, of people's faith growing more during such a loss. "Only God" is right. Praying for divine comfort and healing for this grieving family and that they find rest in the Shadow of the Almighty. <><

My deepest sympathies.