Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Little Miracle... Luke!

Many of you have asked me about Luke?
What orphanage is he in?

Luke is originally from Henan Province. 
His orphanage is very very poor.
Sometime after he was abandoned he was sent to a small special needs foster home in Beijing. They could not care for him at his orphanage- his condition was much too serious. 

Praise God a couple from America had recently heard God calling them to China. They obeyed and opened up a care facility for critically ill babies. They take in the children that have little hope of survival, the ones that no one wants, the ones that desperately need medical care. They advocate for them in the medical community, they pray for them, they get them the medical attention they need. This young couple have devoted their lives to serving God- by being the hands and his feet of our Lord.

Luke was critically ill with a heart defect- TOF, criss cross heart and there's about 6 other things on the list. He has a very scary list of things going on.
No one really thought he would pull through- whenever he would catch the tiniest cold, it became life threatening.

God worked a miracle in Luke's life. I may not have every detail exactly right BUT the one thing I do know is that God has been evident in his life every step of the way!

Here is a picture of some of the children at MSP!
Aren't they just precious! Each one is such a blessing!

Our friend Gayly is going to China to meet her daughter Clara! She will be spending a day at MSP, which is Luke's foster home! She will be bringing them the supplies that they need for the children!
She is leaving in one week so if you would like to donate please hop on over to her blog! You can donate through pay pal, send a check or send the items to her- whichever way works best for you!

Just so you know, this foster home is completely run through prayer and donations like this- no one pays them to care for these dear children. Please consider giving whatever you can!

 God Bless you!

Next post is "How God answered the many prayers for Luke"!


Sarah said...

Praising God for all that he has done and is doing for precious little Luke!

Karin said...

I totally LOVE your write-up! :) Hopefully Gayly will get lots of donations. :)

TanyaLea said...

Jean ~ I cannot wait to have some time to just sit down and talk to you about your journey to Luke. I knew it was in the brewing for a LONG time before you announced it on here, and I cannot wait to see him HOME in your arms. It is just wonderful to see all that God is doing in your life and how He is growing and blessing your family with these beautiful children!

Have you been going to the summer play groups? I've yet to make it, as Fridays are just the worst for me. Martin either works from home that day, or we are usually out of town. But I'm hoping to make it to one in the next couple of weeks. Let me know if you'll be there!!

Can't wait for the next post! I haven't been commenting much, but I still stop by and read when I can!!

Miss you and God bless!


Lisa said...

Hi Jean --

I didn't know your little guy had TOF. Our Lin was also born with this defect of the heart, and she's now a totally healthy, normal 13-year-old! In fact, we just had her annual check-up with the cardiologist yesterday and she's been cleared to play on her school's basketball team this year!

Did you also know that Olympic snow-boarder Shaun White was born with TOF? I find that pretty inspiring, although my daughter could care less, of course. Ah, 13-year-olds... Good times!

I'm sure you've done all your research, and I'm certainly no expert, but if you want to talk about TOF feel free to email me:


Anonymous said...

So beautiful, Jean. Thanks so much for sharing with us. You are one of God's precious Angels right here on earth. Your children are so fortunate to have you for their Mama ! Your family is so beautiful. I just adore reading your stories, and seeing the faces of your beautiful children. I can't wait to follow your journey for your two newest littles, and to see how they blossom and grow when they come "Home." God is so Good. xoxoxo

quilt-n-mama said...

Just wanted to share with you that we have raised $500 so far for supplies! Hopefully we can keep it coming in:)