Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sammy's Surgery!

We have heard from Cincy and Sam has his surgery dates! 

I have been praying about this and putting it in God's hands. With so much going on, I knew I could never plan it all out! His timing is perfect timing!

I want so much to leave now and get Luke and Mia but we are still waiting on our LOA... we are on day 33 right now, which is already longer than our wait with Sam and Ava.

Waiting is so hard...

But, since we have to wait we might as well get a few things done before this crew of 6 littles becomes 8!

The Colorectal Center in Cincinnati is number one in the country for pediatric gastrointestinal repairs!

Sam's fist surgery is scheduled for November 2nd! We will be gone for 5-6 days and will return again 2 weeks later for a recheck. We head back to Cincy for his last surgery on January 26th. They will take down his colostomy and Sammy will "go" just like the other kids! Of course we have to be careful with what he eats and it will take time for everything to work correctly!

We are hoping/planning that we will go to China in December between the surgeries.

Anna will also have a surgery coming up but we are unsure of the timing right now. It will be a lip and nose repair along with necessary dental work (meaning taking care of 7 cavities-yikes).

The following pics are for your viewing pleasure! 

These two are absolutely crazy about each other!


Cari said...

awe...my smile grew bigger and bigger as I scrolled down the pictures...so sweet!

you sure are busy, aren't ya?! praying that all surgeries and dates go well and don't conflict with anything.

Mandi said...

Keep us posted on the surgeries, we will be praying for you. I have a friend that took her son to Cincy and she was very impressed! Sounds like Sam will be in good hands. Not sure how you are going to travel or if we will be on your way, but if you need a pit stop, give me a hollar (we are in IN).

LOVE the pictures of the boys. So typical of boys!

Sue said...

Glad things are starting to line up. As scary as the surgeries will be for all of you, the outcome is going to be awesome.

Sally-Girl! said...

YOu have loads of excitement to keep you distracted from the long wait for Mia and Luke!!!

Can't wait for all of it to happen!!

*Overflowing* said...

Jean...praying for Sam! Cincy is the absolute BEST!!!! We loved our time there with Solomon. I had no idea nurses and doctors could have such incredible bedside manners. Not sure if you guys are planning on staying at the RMH but it was incredible, too!

Sophie said...

Praying for Sam and mommy of course.

Love the pictures of your boys!

The Heald Family said...

I have the surgeries on my calendar & will be praying for him, you & the gang who will be waiting back home! Love you..........Cathy

Becky said...

So happy that you have your dates and plans! Sounds like you will be in the very best care! I'll be watching closely as we will be walking this same path when we get our little guy from China here. Again, it will be so fun if our paths cross in China! We're waiting and watching every day for our LOA. I do need to find out from you some time on what colostomy supplies to take with us to China. Again, so happy for you and Sam. We'll be praying for Sam when the surgery time draws close.

Faye Verquer said...

Remember I am 20 minutes from Cincy Childrens...I would love to meet you on one of your trips if even just to sit with you while he is in surgery! Let me know if/when this will work out! Praying for all great things to happen for all of you!


Karin said...

What a blessing that your older kids are so sweet with the 'little's.' Many older kids would be annoyed and resentful but your kids seem to be loving and welcoming. Love it!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying for the surgery to go really well!!!!

LOVE seeing your kiddos :) Always soo cute!!! COME ON LOA!!!!!!

TanyaLea said...

Sounds like Sam will be in the best of hands. We will be praying from the home front! Trusting that God will work the dates out perfectly. Oh Jean ~ you are such a blessing to know and follow. I love your heart and your beautiful family. I know we've only met a couple of times, but I just feel blessed to know you and witness your love and heart for orphans over and over again. You have one amazing and supportive hubby, and it is so beautiful seeing you all together!

And those photos of your boys together... LOVE!!! The sweetest! Such priceless moments captured in time!

And about time flying... it sure does! Breanna is a junior this year, so I'll be in your shoes this time next year! YIKES...where DOES the time go!?!

Love and Hugs,