Sunday, September 18, 2011

China Travel Over Or Near The Christmas Holidays?

By the looks of how things are going we will be in China for a big portion of December. I am little confused on how I feel about it- part of me wants to get Mia and Luke as soon as possible no matter when it is and the other half says what about all the children at home? Do we leave them over the holidays? What about the babysitter- how does she feel about this?

I had hoped we could be on our way to China in the end of November but that is looking unlikely. Everything would have to go perfectly and in the world of adoption that just doesn't happen! Flexibility is part of the journey- perfection is not!

Sometimes things happen and they are a blessing, although that may not be visible at first glance. Hubby is so busy at work BUT the one time that things slow down for everyone is over the Christmas and New Years Holidays. IF we were in China, he wouldn't miss that much of actual work.

Christmas is once again is getting out of hand. Hubby restricted me to 4 gifts per child. I made the most of it and but 4 gifts in every one package I wrapped- you do the math 4x4x now 13 (yikes)! The kids came out very well and now dear hubby knows what I'm up to!! He also knows the tendency is to keep doing more- he's just trying to protect me from, well...ME!  ;-)

It is Sam and Ava's first Christmas I would like to be home and with ALL the children if possible?? Not sure that it is possible?

I am thinking the highlight of this Christmas will be our two new treasures! Special gifts from God- Mia and Luke! Everyone will be so excited to meet them!!

I could have a few things ready- maybe 2 gifts per child and a dinner! We will go super light on the decorations! It will be a low key Christmas Holiday. Family time and praising God for his gift of Jesus our Savior. Actually this is starting to sounding really good to me!

Of course then we throw in jet lag and the expectation go even lower... rock bottom low that is!

Now I'm seeing a Christmas movie and half of us asleep on the couch! Hey that works!!

Have you ever traveled to China in December or do you know someone that has?? Have they gone over the actual holiday? How did it go?

You have all completely surprised me! I thought for sure you would say go! I am all ears and listening to you and we're already changing our minds!!!
Soooo, what IF we can leave at the end of November(29th)?? Go or not? We won't get back until the 17th of December and we will be exhausted?? We could leave the evening of Monday, December 26th!
I love your comments! They are so helpful!

One other factor... Luke really really needs to get to a dentist. He has many cavities. No dentist in China can work on him because of his heart- I am concerned about him...


Jennifer said...

I'll be praying that travel works out just the way it's supposed to. :) Luke and Mia are just too precious! We're with CCAI as well so I get to see your updates on the yahoo group. Congrats on being SO close to your babies!!! :)

Lori said...

We have never traveled over Christmas...but I will tell you that we really rushed things (as much as WE could) to get our boys home before Brenden's graduation...and I totally regret that. There was no reason we couldn't have waited just a couple more weeks so that all our focus would be on his big day (and all the events surrounding it). I was so totally exhausted and overwhelmed.

My advice to you is, if it's only a matter of a couple weeks, WAIT. Enjoying Christmas with all your kiddos will be well worth it.

Just my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Jean - I don't envy your dilemna. It's such an important time of the year with your littles, I would so hate for you to miss that....along with all of the exhaustion you would be experiencing. I will be praying that everything turns out how it is supposed to be in God's plan. I have to say I agree with Lori up above, if you do have the opportunity to travel after Christmas - that might be best. You could enjoy being home - and then next year will be a fabulous Christmas as well with your two new littles. Sending my prayers that all works out well in God's time - and it will. xoxoxo

Gina said...

We traveled last December to adopt our daughter and arrived home on December 24. First adoption. If I had it to do over again, I would wait until after Christmas, even possibly leaving December 26. It was rough, and the person who probably had it the worst was ME. I felt SO guilty, and still kind of do, about missing the whole season with my boys! It would have been better to celebrate Christmas with my kids first and THEN travel.

Pam said...

We did travel in Dec. on our first adoption trip. Dec. 7-21. Our situation was different in that we did not have a house full of younger children, so it was ok for us to travel in Dec. We wanted our baby girl ASAP, and she was the first from China. I have no regrets traveling when we did.

That said, IF we had that option this time, I would wait until after Christmas for travel. Our older children felt like that was the year we just "sort of" had Christmas. Everyone was jet lagged plus with trying to adjust to a new one in our home, and her trying to adjust, and I just sort of felt like we went through the motions on Christmas day. Plus we had missed out on so many of the pre-Christmas activities....

You've got so many "littles" in the home, and then your big ones, too. And it will be Ava and Sam's first Christmas...If it were me, I just think I'd try to really enjoy Christmas and celebrate it fully, and then travel afterward.

Sally-Girl! said...

I know we texted about this yesterday, but my thoughts are now wait and leave Dec 26th. Enjoy A SIMPLE Christmas (start of a new tradition) at home with all your kids and then go get Luke and Mia. They don't know any different right now, but the ones at home do. Luke and Mia will get many wonderful years to celebrate our Savior's birth! Plus it let's you practice simple with just 11 instead of 13!!!

Love you much!!!!

Blogging Friend said...

I agree with the others, for the sake of ALL your other children I would have Christmas at home and then travel after that. Christmas is just to important to leave so many at home.
It is the first Christmas with Ava and Sam and you need to be home with them. Not only that but you have other littles that need you their to act as Santa Claus (if you do that). Kids are young only once and they grow up way to fast.
Also, your older kids are getting into their own lives, and not all of them always be able to come home for Christmas in years to come.
So again I say enjoy Christmas with all your kids at home now and then go to China for the other 2. Next year you will also have them home too.


The Thomasson's said...

We traveled in December last year. We adopted from Taiwan, not China so our trip was not quite as long, but we were gone December 4th-12th. I made sure I had all of our Christmas stuff done before hand so I could just "recover" when we got back and not have to prepare, but I still felt like I just went through the motions. It totally did not feel like Christmas at all. Our other kids were 2 and 4 at the times, so I am not sure they really noticed the difference, but I totally felt it. I totally did not think that it would be that way getting home two weeks before Christmas and it really caught me by surprise. I know for our daughter's special needs we also had several appointments quickly after coming home which also effected the time we had.

Angie said...

Sounds like you have lots of great travel advice, but I want to know where you got those shirts, "Brothers stick together." I want some!!

Wright Family said...

we are in the same boat as you...I would love to wait until january to travel, primarily because I don't want to bring the boys home to our highly indulgent Christmases (even if my husband managed to control My spending, they have 13 brothers and sisters to get gifts from).....after a couple of weeks in 5 stra hotles in China, buying them everything their heart desires, we bring them home to a lavish Christmas and then in January tell them it is time to learn how to clean the kitchen...think they might be a bit let down??.... HOWEVER 26,000 dollars is 26,000 dollars and would pretty much cover paying for Christmas,LOL...the tax break next year is a little different.....Someone suggested we celebrate Christmas early - That might be our best option....our newly home boys won't remember it as anything more than a blur anyway...Catherine

Jodi said...

We left for Jorja on Dec 26th - it went well. We had a nice Christmas morning of gifts and all - and while eveyone played with their new toys I was able to finish packing - just remember - no last minute shopping on the 25th! :) Praying it all works out for y'all.

Michal said...

We do 4 gifts per kid too. We give them "Something they want", "Something they Need", "Something to Wear", and "Something to Read." The Something they Need could be anything from socks to a used car when they turn 16! With the number of kids we have, that turns out to be a lot of presents under the tree!

Brooke said...

Your family is such an inspiration! Where did you get the Brothers stick together t-shirts?" We have 5 boys and would love those!!

Brooke said...

Oh...and we have never traveled to China over Christmas, but we did get home from Ethiopia with twin boys on Christmas day...yes we were exhausted, but it was the best Christmas gift to be coming home with our two new boys and to see our two boys who were waiting for us at home! But if you could go and be home by Dec. it! You can at least get a few days of rest before things get busy and you could keep it lower key with your family and truly just enjoy each other during this wonderful holiday!
Our adoption blog is: and my advocacy site is:
(feel free to link the advocacy site to your blog)....finding families for children is my passion! :)

adoption journey said...

WE are pushing like crazy to travel over the Christmas break. Yes, it'll be terrible to leave our children over Christmas, but we need to finalize our adoptions before the end of the year in order to get the adoption tax credit refund. The law changes at the end of the year!! Also, we want to take our 15 year old son, adopted 18 months ago, and he really really can't afford to miss more than a week of school. Yes, I do miss homeschooling!!!

Suzette said...

No advice here, but just loving looking at your two darlings! We also had to have dental work before Lia's heart surgery. If you want to come visit we have THE BEST pediatric dentist! Praying God gives you insight into the perfect decision for everyone.

David and Janet Hurley said...

LALALALA--I am sticking my fingers in my ears, and cannot hear you. You HAVE to travel in Nov, because I am 2 weeks behind you, and we HAVE to travel this year!! We did some creative financing, and it is crucial that we get the kids on this year's tax rules...or we will be eating peanut butter and jelly for the next year.
But--you could have Christmas early. We did that many years ago,so we could take our 2 little bio's to Disney during the break.

Sammy said...

We were there once in Dec and once actually on Thanksgiving Day. It isn't that bad. The White Swan was decorated. On Thanksgiving we ate spaghetti from Danny's Bagel. At least I'll always remember it.