Thursday, September 29, 2011


Thank you for all you responses!! We loved them! Some were so funny- isn't that the dogs name? And I can't quite get past the fact that it's your dogs name! They were very helpful such as looking up the meaning of the names to see which one we wanted to bless her with!

We also loved the name Lizzie that a couple people mentioned!

After much thought and prayer we have made a decision!

It feels good! It feels right!

And most importantly we prayed over this and ask God for guidance- what did he want his child to be named?

I sat down with my bible and completely randomly opened it- guess what page, out of all the many pages in the bible it opened to! Yes, 1 Samuel 23 where it talks about Abigail- she was a beautiful and sensible woman. Her name means Joy of the Father!

I wrestled with God all night and throughout the next day! God won- he always wins!

Of course one of the big kids pointed out the fact that Mia was at a disadvantage- her name is not in the bible but I am sure if that would have been God's choice he would have let me know one way or another!

To be honest "I" couldn't get past the fact that it was the dog's name! We tried for 4 months to call her another name- Maya, Fifi, Fifa, hey you get over here, and many more names! I knew that once our little girl was home we would constantly be making mistakes and she wouldn't really understand why her name was the same as the dogs!

To those of you that have a MIA- I love that name! Eight years ago we had no idea we would be traveling down this path of adoption so we named our cute little puppy Mia and we are now to the point of no return- now we can't undo what we did (we tried ;-)!

We also had a family vote and between Mia, Lizzie and Abby- it was unanimous- everyone loved Abby, Lizzie came in second. The big kids just don't want their new sister to have the same name as the dog- I understand now. It took me only 6 months to "get it"- Ima little slow and stubborn!

So here she is!

Abigail Elizabeth MuChun!

Our Abby!

Thank you for your help and words of wisdom!


Acceptance with Joy said...



Karen said...

Love her name!! She is absolutely adorable!! Hoping for a quick TA for you!

Dardi said... I am literally crying b/c I had commented on your post about how we had such a hard time with naming our daughter in China, knowing God had given me the word "joy" & then finding that that's essentially what Abigail means. Anyway, I was just reading your decision & about how Abigail in the bible was a beautiful & sensible woman. I about hit the floor! In our daughter's referral paperwork, it explains that her name means "understanding & awareness & beautiful girl, in the hope for her to be a pretty & sensible girl." Your research just blessed me immensely by showing that God truly did guide us to that name...I love how He eventually ties it all together. Thank you. :o) Now I need a tissue.

Dardi said...

BTW, the full name we decided on is Kemeri Abigail. :o)

Karin said...

I absolutely LOVE her name!!! And Abigail was such an amazing character in the Bible. God must have wonderful plans for your sweet girl to give her such a wonderful name! LOVE IT!!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

janet and gang

Wendy said...

She looks like an Abby!!! Now the dog can have her name to herself!!!

Angie said...

Perfect name for your beautiful daughter! And your puppy thanks you, too, I'm sure! :)

Tesseraemum said...

Aww, She looks like an Abby!
She also looks like a strong sensible girl too!! Perfect!

Mom to my China Posse said...

Perfect as she is! I have a Abby and a Annah along with quite a few other K and A names, so of course I am partial. lol....

Pam said...

Perfect and beautiful! Just like your little girl!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love it! And her picture is soooo darn cute!!!!!

Nicole A. said...

Congrats! And I really do love that she has an "A" name!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Susan A said...

I just loved how the Lord spoke to you through you opening 1 Samuel 23... last night, I was reading Joy Dawson's book "Ruined for the Ordinary" how God spoke to her (or someone) to ask a pastor whose surname is Rhodes, to give her money.. and she had to double-check with God to ensure if it's really from Him, as she couldn't imagine going up to a pastor and tell him to give her money, and after she asked the Lord for His leading, she opened her NIV and the first thing her eyes saw was "and the men of Rhodes traded..." it was awesome! and She didn't even know that there was "Rhodes" in the NIV! What you shared in your post just reminded me of that! :)

I love how He speaks, leads, guides His people and they are in awe... I wish it will happen to me more often and that I would be free in the Spirit to His leading.

Tina said...

Love it! Praying for your family as you move forward to bring home these precious little ones! And praying that the Lord will move mountains for us to do the same!

living4him5 said...


It really fits her, she is precious!


David and Janet Hurley said...

I think she looks just like an Abby! Our new one's middle name is Elisabeth too.
Can I ask--if you got LOA on the 7th, are you just now applying to immigration? Not judging--I know things are crazy, and it took me FOUR hours to get mine done. Just wondered if there was a particular reason for the gap.