Friday, September 23, 2011

Fried Chicken

We love our children! They are wonderful and have been such a joy to us!


When they eat fried chicken!
Oh my goodness! It's more than my stomach can handle!

So what do we do?

We serve them up a full glass of cold milk, some fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and then...


It all started when Katie and I were in China meeting Sarah!
We were shocked how she licked the chicken bone clean and we were pretty sure if we did not stop her  the bone would have been gone too!

One by one the children came home... okay, it's been two by two but you know what I mean!

Each one has done the same thing(except Anna- she came home at 16 months)! They have licked the bone clean! Not only is the delicious chicken gone but so are the tendons, the little dark blood vessels, the fat and the anatomy list goes on! Even the cartilage is gone! Don't ask me where it is? I don't want to know and I don't want to share where I think its gone!

Last night I heard Ava crunching on something! I made her spit it out!

The truth is what they are eating is made to be eaten.
What they are eating is most likely good for them in some way.
In China they would be thankful for every morsel of food, not knowing what or if there would be more. A thankful attitude is always better then a picky attitude!
The Chinese diet is generally a healthier diet than the American diet.
So most likely my preferences are just plain wrong.

It just happens to be one of my irritants!
(which leads me to another post!)

I certainly can't encourage them to eat chicken like me- The only thing worse than watching them eat chicken would be watching me eat chicken!

Disclaimer- those are not paper plates! They are plastic plates that look like paper plates- just in case you were wondering!


Angie said...

Too funny! Jenna cleans off all of our chicken legs, wings, whatever, and licks them absolutely clean. Amarin comes in at a close 2nd! No meat goes to waste in this house!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he....oh dear.
Where did you get plastic plates that look like paper? That is funny!

Sally-Girl! said...

Yeah, all my Chinese kiddos do the same exact thing. Funny thing is I know you so well that I knew when I say the title of the post what exactly the post was going to be about!!!

Mindi said...

Hi Jean! I just wanted to make sure you check your email listed on the blog because I sent you a link I think you will want. :)
(volunteer at Morning Star)

Sarah said...

Ha! Lily eats chicken like that, as well, and she was adopted at 11 months...go figure!

Jolene said...

Oh my stomach would not be able to handle that either. Actually, I'm vegetarian so I can't stomach most types of meat anymore....but the getting crazy with all the parts...Oh boy!

Hey, at least they are great eaters!

The Babets said...

Same at our house!!! so funny I avoid any area that even looks close to an unknown. Our son will eat everything but the large bones. and he was only 3.5 when we adopted him. our daughter 4.5 not so much??

Debbie said...

I grew up here eating chicken that way. My mom picked her bones clean and so did all of us kids. My husband thinks it's disgusting.

Lori said...

Yeah, that's disgusting. I can't stand to hear anyone eat anything...even crunching something crunchy makes me crazy. So I know the bone-cleaning-eating would put me over the edge. I guess that must be why I only fix boneless chicken!

Oh and I love your paper-looking plastic plates!

laurajonesjournal said...

lots has changed now that we have our "seven from heaven" ! one, is paper plates for anyone under 13 for every meal! oh wait, so only 4 of us are eating on real dishes! i even have been purchasing paper bowls for cereal and ice cream at night. Just surviving right now. We have 2 dishwashers and they are running off and on all day! load, unload, load, know! I guess alot of it is my coffee mugs. Homeschooling I am constantly misplacing my mugs and grabbing a new one and then finding them all over the house in the evening! I can't imagine not having paper plates right now! I've been known to serve the bagels straight on to the counter.
and the chicken, ok! wow it is too much for me too, for all of us over here, these two just lick it clean, just like yours. wow.

Tina said...

Definitely got a kick out of this post! Our Jax loves him some KFC which we do eat on paper plates =)
My husband thinks cartilage is what we(USA) are actually missing from our diets and that is why there is so much arthritis etc. Jax and my hubby love chicken feet too!! Plenty of cartilage there. Thanks for the laugh!!

Gina said...

I have the same feelings with the chicken as you do! :)

Janet and Kevin said...

Funny! When we have been in Ch*na, one of the things they love to eat are all the boney parts - they like it better than the meat! I can't stomach those parts either!

Like the plates! We have color-coordinated plastic plates, bowls, and cups for our three littles. It just seems easier somehow. They like it and go right to their color when helping set the table. I think I got the idea from you one time because your children all have a certain glass. Good idea.

janet and gang

ManyBlessings said...

Same with my two here! Lol! Nothing left but bones when these 2 finish! It used to bother me, but I think I got used to it somewhere along the line. Now I'm not phased by those 2 plates with nothing but the big bones! :)

Lisa said...

The same in our family! Our daughter loves KFC and leaves behind only a shiny white pile of bones. It actually makes me feel wasteful looking at the partially devoured chicken on my plate. Too funny!

Tesseraemum said...

The crunching made me laugh! It reminded me of the movie Christmas Vacation when they are sitting around crunching the grizzled turkey!!

I have to say, they may be gross but your kids are still cute when they are being carnavores!!

Where did you find the cute plates? Wait, they probably wouldn't last long here. My kids would throw them away!!

Joy said...

Cool plates! Where did you get them?

Sarah Chang eats chicken like that and I cannot watch her. I've also heard her crunching on parts and had her spit them out! Once a month at church Wed. night supper, KFC is served. When she was first home, I was so embarassed to take her. I would look up from my plate and see her sucking on the bones. eww. :-)

Mom to my China Posse said...

Oh man you burst my bubble about the paperplates because we do eat on paper plates here alot! lol.....

God's Grace said...

My daughter came home at thirteen (well actually 17! another story :) we meet at the med clinic in Guangzhou... And she eats everything like that! especially chicken. And when in china she would knall on chicken feet eating every last bone and toenail! she made me buy the other kids at her orphanage some too(which I was glad to do even though it grossed me out!) because it was a treat. Fun stuff!

Wendy said...

Almost three years after bringing Rebecca home from China, she finally thinks how she used to eat chicken is gross. We can finally sit down to a meal of chicken without bein grossed out...for a long time, we ate skinless, boneless chicken! LOL.