Monday, September 12, 2011

Sick or Not? UPDATED!

UPDATE: Emma has strep. She is thrilled to be getting medicine for it, it makes her feel special and loved!

Sometimes it is very hard to tell if our children are sick.
I think they have spent so much time not feeling very good.
In an orphanage where no one really cares and germs are spread like wild fire, or children have learned to keep quite about their aches and pains. 
Why tell anyone? What would they do?

I noticed a rash on Sam but figured it was due to heat or detergent or some unknown source.

It kept getting worse and was on his abdomen and back. I continuously asked and pointed  "does you throat hurt, does your neck hurt?"
Each time the answer was NO!
We brought him in anyways... after a couple weeks and low and behold he had strep!
No symptoms... just the rash...

Katie (big sis/ school teacher) called in the late afternoon. She is feeling awful- swollen glands, sore throat and a fever- I am guessing she has it too...

Sooo... about a week ago I called the Dr.
Emma has had 2 incidents of a rash on her back and stomach. 
Didn't think anything of it at the time- other than to remind her not to itch.
She so seldom speaks- it comes in waves- talkative and then nothing?

Tonight I started taking temps- even of those that had no complaints and Emma's is at 102!
I never would have known- she never complains.
I wonder how often she was sick in China and just carried on with life. (I also wonder how long she has had it?)

Tomorrow we go to the Dr. for Emma and a recheck of Sam (his rash is still there although a little better)!
I wonder IF strep tests are cheaper by the half dozen?

I am surprised that these dear younger children are unable to communicate when they are ill.
I will be more vigilant from now on!

So tomorrow before school, it's off to the Dr we go!

BTW- they are all cuddling and watching Mary Poppins!
For the last couple weeks- Little Orphan Annie was the movie of choice but now it is Mary Poppins!
I am just thrilled that they can watch it and learn the songs!



Sarah said...

oh sweet babies...I hope that they feel better soon!

Brianna said...

My kiddos will not tell me when they are sick either.... Bloody nose all over the bed, ruptured ear drum that drains all over his shoulder, a smashed finger, etc... however, they are getting better about it. Yesterday he came to me with a scraped knee (well sort of. Big sisters saw him fall and investigated.) He did ask for a band-aid. He did not ask for the scrubbing he got to get the gravel out of his knee. hmmmm... maybe that's why they don't want to tell me anything! lol.

Acceptance with Joy said...

oh, woops! That was not Brianna posting. Too many bloggers, too few computers in this house.


Serving the King said...

Oh goodness bless them! That is absolutely heartbreaking! I was just thinking of how not sick Jacob and Joey are as I woke up with a sore throat today too. Now I think I just need to be more vigilant in asking them if they feel ok. Sheesh. I truly never thought of that!

Tesseraemum said...

Poor sweet babies!
That is really not something I would have thought about either. I'm sure your bio kids were like mine...At the faintest hint of a sniffle they are ready to take to their beds and miss a week of school!
Speaking of cheaper by the dozen. That is a cute movie they might enjoy! The new versions! My kids are on a C-B-T-D and Kit Kittridge kick right now! Oh and Diary of a whimpy kid, but I wouldn't recommend that for your kiddos! Sheri

Hezra said...

oh goodness! I understand! I have a youngest who rarely complains and yet is able to communicate. We go for days not knowing how sick she IS! The last time we had strep-- it flew through the ranks and she had the worst case(probably had it longer!). I asked the Dr if we could get a gallon of the liquid antibiotic? Yummy pink stuff by the gallon(sarcasm there). And can we pay for one Dr visit even though we ran 5 kids and two adults through?? lol praying your crew gets better faster. I think we should go back to the world of Drs doing house calls! Ever seen the old yours mine and ours?? lol

Cari said...

awe poor kids! it's sad to think of how much they've had to suffer on their own before. hopefully, they'll all be feeling better soon.

Annie was the favorite movie last year when we brought home our older daughter, too.

Laura L. said...

Get well soon dear ones! Hugs, meds, blankies, and movies. Make sure to give a spoonful of sugar too. I've heard it makes the medicine go down, in the most delightful way! ;)

Sue Mom of Two said...

Their rashes are probably scarletina rashes....a very mild form of scarlet fever. Antibiotics for the strep will take care of the rash as well.