Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yay Cabins!!

All my life I have wanted a swimming pool!
 I am not sure why- I mean I love being outside, soaking up the sun and being active BUT my blonde locks could easily be turned green and... I never really get "in" the pool... so why have I always wanted one?? Only God knows!

I was pretty sure this year WE NEEDED ONE!?!
Summers in Minnesota are all about swimming and how on earth was Sam going to be able to go swimming? I envisioned us being kicked out of every pool because "leaks". (Sam has IA)

But that is not what happened... at all!

We became accomplished at colostomies and swimming AND the pool we just happened to go to over the summer was...

not at all crowded! I am please to announce they never had to empty the pool because of us!! (because of leaks)
Often we were one of a few families at the pool!!

People in MN tend to go to their cabin over the weekends!
We are ALL FOR IT!!
Because they basically left the city to us!

And the pool! And we loved every minute of it!

We had our own private lifeguard!

And any chair to pick from!

And diving boards and slides!

And IF we didn't like the other chairs we could pick from this row!

These wonderful people made us lunch!
We had a great summer! And we love that everyone else loves their cabins! Please continue to go to them!

I was so concerned AND look how GOD provided!
It was better than I could have ever dreamed of!

There was no reason to worry!

Thank You Jesus!
We had a blast!
(and so did the other one million people that were left in the cities)
Again, from those of us left at home-
 Yay Cabins!


Angie said...

Better still, you don't have to do maintenance and upkeep! I just love taking the kids swimming. What a great way to burn some energy and have so much fun!

Sophie said...

Wow what a great place. I'm not one for crowded pools, it might be worth the 15 hour car ride to come visit your swimming pool next summer.

Sammy said...

Gosh, it is the opposite here in Indiana. We have a new Aquatic Center and all the people from the city come out. They have to pay more than our towns people, but is packed with tattooed people. : - )

Mammy said... south Georgia a pool is a must have, but if anyone tells you that they are not a lot of work ....they are lying...we love ours and use it from mid April to hopefully mid October....looks like a fun pool to visit...our Lilly went from being terrified to loving the pool and jumping in from the side...