Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ava's VERY Good Day and VERY Bad Day!

Ava came to us like many orphans with a very very short haircut. I am sure it was easy to maintain when there were many children, cooler in the heat and bug free! She still looked adorable but wanted desperately to grow it out!

We were all so excited for her to get her first real girlie haircut!
I really didn't know what they were going to do but I knew it was time to get the shagginess trimmed up!

She loved the whole process! For her it was pampering at it's best!!

And Oh My, we were not disappointed with the results!
She is such a sweet little girl!

And adorable!

BUT then the story changes... Ava went to her Mommy with a loose tooth...
A very very loose and hanging tooth.
The Mommy- I don't know who this woman is ;-)
Decided it should come out! So she, oh. so. gently. pulled it! 
And whoola, the tooth was out!

Which made Ava- very very very mad!
She never wanted to lose her tooth... E.V.E.R!
In fact she had previously announced to the whole family that "said tooth", was going nowhere!

If you look closely you can see the steam coming out of her ears!

There were many tears...

It took a lot of conversation and many hugs and kisses for Ava to forgive her mother!

BUT then the nighttime came and everyone was so excited for the tooth fairy- Lil miss Ava forgot all about being mad at her Momma!!

Both Anna and Ava had teeth to put under the pillow!
It was a very exciting night!

They had it all planned out!! Sam was going to stay up all night and catch the tooth fairy!
He is a very sneaky kind of guy!

And very cute, too!
He failed... sleep overcame him...
 and well once again the very beautiful and wise tooth fairy got away ;-)

There she is with her missing tooth! She has already come to her mean ol' Mom once again with 2 more loose teeth!!
Better run Ava- you know what I do with loose teeth!

The tooth fairy did arrive (thank goodness we remembered this time)! And everyone was very happy with their earnings!! $2- all to themselves!!
Anna's teeth were from her surgery!

She forgot to tell her Momma that her teeth had been under her pillow for a week... and couldn't figure out why that silly tooth fairy didn't show up! Hmmmm?

Then they asked me- "What does the tooth fairy do with the teeth?"


Hello, can ya help me out here!!


Faye Verquer said...

One of ours had it figured out that the Tooth Fairy bigs a giant castle out of the teeth, the others say she throws them away, but leaves the reward for being brave and letting that tooth come out!! Good Luck with that one!!

Dr. D @ Curls and Twirls said...

Great question. Hope to hear what you tell them. :-D

Sally-Girl! said...

I pull hanging teeth too, always have as it drives me nuts. No wonder we love each other so much!!!

Hezra said...

yes our kids decided she builds a fabulous fairyland with those teeth as pearly stones. I have a tooth fairy post to do too!

Tesseraemum said...

My older 2 would write a note to the tooth fairy and ask her to kindly leave the tooth. Not kidding. I recently found one of the little boxes containing eldest son's teeth. Can you say GA-ROSSS!!
When Audrey looses her's (which will be very soon) the tooth fairy is going to NEED it for her castle.

Merrill said...

I still need an answer to "What does she do with my teeth?" My daughter wrote the tooth fairy a letter last week asking that very question. Only the tooth fairy forgot to reply. Must have been because we were in a hotel room in a different city at the time and we had confused her! ;)

Chris said...

We had a very upset boy too...he came home with 8 loose teeth and one night he left this mean momma wiggle it and it literally (almost) dropped out in my hand...no steam out the ears, but lots of noise out the mouth!

BTW she looks adorable with her hair

Karen said...

Love Ava's new haircut! She looks adorable!!!!!

Unlike you and Sally, I do NOT like to pull loose teeth no matter how loose they are. Gives me chills just thinking about it!
My kiddos get a "Tooth Beary" when they loose their first tooth. They put their tooth in the Bear's pocket of their outfit and the Tooth Fairy takes their tooth and puts in their money. If the tooth fairy forgets (happens quite a bit) we tell them she must not have seen where they put their bear so we have them move it:-) So far none have asked where the teeth go and I am hoping no one does. I would be clueless too.

megadog said...

The tooth fairy uses those teeth to build her amazing kingdom. She can only use children's teeth because they are the strongest and best teeth around.

Sarah said...

hhhmmmm...that tooth fairy is very inconsistent at our house! So, I'm glad to hear that other parents forget this, as well!! We told our kids that she built a tooth house with all the teeth (I have no idea why...?).

Diane said...

My kids told me that the tooth fairy needs the teeth to give to babies for their teeth! Luckily the tooth fairy has only forgotten on weekends, so my kids think she only works M-F! $2 a tooth is the going rate at my house too!

Sophie said...

Her haircut is just darling!!

As for the tooth fairy, my boys never really asked about her, maybe cause she's not a guy.

They just got a kick out of yanking their own teeth out, or trying to see which brother would be victorious in knocking the tooth out of the other brother's mouth

ManyBlessings said...

Aw! :)

Our tooth fairy also builds a glittering castle to the sky. :)

Lisa said...

I can't decide which pictures are cuter; Ava with her new (absolutely adorable) haircut, or sad/angry Ava. It's horrible to say that a picture of a sad, angry child is cute but, come on! Those are the most adorable pictures!

Kelly Marriott said...

We once read a book about the tooth fairy once that showed a picture of the beautiful castle she builds with the teeth. Each tooth is a brick. So, that's the story I have stuck with through six kids.

Also, there is a little hole above the window over the kitchen sink. It's like a little knot of wood came out at one time. Anyway, the kids have ALWAYS believed that that's how the tooth fairy gets in. Even my now grown kids still all it the "tooth fairy hole" and the little ones totally believe it. Don't know how this got started. I think they came up with it on their own many years ago.

Adorable haircut!