Sunday, October 9, 2011

Going, Going, Gone

We have had lovely weather this fall! It has been absolutely beautiful!
The leave are changing fast and the winds are blowing them off the trees.
Sometimes it looks like it's raining leaves!

This weekend we were able to get out for a short walk and enjoy it!
80 degrees and partly sunny- we couldn't ask for much more!

This fall we were supposed to have the best colors in a long time but with 70's and 80's and no rain we lost some of our reds in the maples.
I'm still not complaining!

The sumac did not let us down!
They were every color imaginable!

Fall is my favorite time of year! The children are loving it and amazed at what they see!
Of course they want to collect and save every leaf they find!

I find God's creation amazing, breath taking and exhilarating!

The other night Anna slept between us! 
It was so cuddly, so wonderful, so precious... and then she wet the bed!
I love it! Never a dull moment and always a story to tell when you have children!

FYI- I moved her closer to Daddy just 10 minutes earlier!
I love that Momma's intuition!!

This boy is so excited for his brother! He says he is going to carry him all around- I wonder how big or little he thinks Luke is?? I don't think he'll be carrying him anywhere! There's only about a 7 pound difference between the two boys!

Our walk was short because little Anna is not up to par and we didn't want to push her.

It is quite fun with this crew! Everyone has been home long enough to have a sense of humor and we find ourselves laughing a lot! 
It's a good place to be!

It amazes me how leaves can be both red and green at the same time!

This little guy ran and ran and... then took a spill!
It looked like it hurt- poor dear.
2 skinned knees and 1 skinned elbow.
He needed lots of bandaids!


Sarah said...

I love fall, as well! Looks like a fun time!

Jo's Corner said...

Poor Sam! And, Sweet Anna! Praying they both feel better soon!
I don't like to say anything negative, but...I'm pretty sure that Sumac is poisonous and causes the same rash as poison ivy! Be on the look out for blisters. : (
The photos are beautiful!!

Sue said...

Just catching up on your blog. Anna, looks just as beautiful as she always has. Sorry to hear she will have to have another surgery. The fall leaves and pictures are beautiful.

Vicky said...

Loved seeing all the color change in the leaves! I miss the beautiful falls I experienced in the northeast, but I do not miss the snow!

Poor Sam, it's nice Anna had room for one more! What fun those two little boys will have once together.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE in FL, not much fall time until winter :)

Annie said...

Love all the grreat pics!!! That is something we don't get a lot of around here. I love the winters but the fall can be a bit disappointing! It looks very beautiful there!

Karin said...

Such gorgeous pictures!! Of kids and nature! :) Our leaves are just now turning but they aren't as colorful this year. It's been warm for too long--but I'm not complaining about that!

TanyaLea said...

This year has truly been a treat here in MN, hasn't it!?! Like you, I am a bit bummed that the colors didn't appear quite as expected, and that the crazy winds last weekend blew most of them off, but I am NOT complaining. The weather has been beautiful... like August in October. I remember many Octobers with snow on the ground, so this is fantastic!

Looks like a WONDERFUL family day for a walk. I think my favorite line of this entire post was this:

"It is quite fun with this crew! Everyone has been home long enough to have a sense of humor and we find ourselves laughing a lot!
It's a good place to be!"

...indeed, that IS a good place to be! Can't wait to see sweet Sam hauling around his little brother! That will be a snap-shot moment for SURE!! :)

Give that sweet Anna a hug for me. I have an extra soft-spot in my heart for that precious girl. Probably because she was SO sweet to my Khloe the first time they met, but I think she is just a little Hunny! Praying she continues to heal up well and feels secure in herself once again. She sure is beautiful any way you look at her!

Miss you. I really do! I just may have to drive over and visit since I can't seem to make it to any play groups! We'll wait til things settle down for you a bit!

Love and Hugs,
~ Tanya