Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Had A Dream Last Night-

It was so clear, so wonderful, so real!

It wasn't a regular dream, it was a God dream... it was a gift! A confirmation that His Will, will be done!

I was holding Luke and felt such joy! He was all smiles and as happy as can be! 
He was active and moving all around!
It was so incredible!

I felt such deep, deep love and happiness!

My heart was so at peace. It was as it should be- our dear boy will be coming home soon!

We are so grateful to God to bring him home AND to bring home his sweet sister Abby!

AND then of course I woke up to - Mom? Mom?
Hi Sarah!
Mom, it's 8:00 
oops! Yes, it is! oops!

It just happened to be one of those dream that you just don't want to end!!

8am... or not!


Susan A said...

how so beautiful :)

Angie said...

At first I was in awe of your beautiful dream. Then I was awed even more at the fact that you get to sleep in until 8AM. How do you do that????

Lori said...

Awww, that's so great! I LOVE dreams like that!

And sleepin' til, were your little kiddos not up yet...or did they just let you sleep? Either way, YAY!

Shonni said...

I am so excited for you!!!

living4him5 said...

Had one of those myself recently. Praying you're headed to China VERY soon!!

We are almost DTC!!!!

Are you traveling with oxygen? We've been discussing it with our Dr. Not sure what to do, just wondering what your thoughts are. You can email me at


Suzette said...

Such absolutely darling kiddos! Praying it all goes quickly for you to go get them.

Mom to 5 bugs said...

Hi, Jumped to your blog from my dear friend Tina's blog at One Blessed Nest. As I read down through your old posts, a question formed in my mind. Are you re-using your dossier each trip back to China or did you have to file a new dossier as more kids come home? Then, I was totally surprised by the photo on 20 Oct? Do I recognize these adorable kiddos from Morningstar? How exciting to bring them both home!!! Congratulations! Melissa