Sunday, October 23, 2011

On to the STATE TOURNAMENT and Mr. S*ccer!!

Oh My! Johnny's high school team won the sections!

Hubby and I have watched many soccer games and our team seems to lose this game every year ;-(

BUT this year was different and we are doing the Happy Dance!

Johnny made the "All State Team"! Along with 3 other teammates!

BUT, then we were and he was surprised!

Our Little Boy- was named "Mr. S*ccer"!

He is carrying a very large trophy that he gets to have at home for a short while and then it will go to his school!

He is very blessed to have some awesome friends and teammates!

It just so happened that his team was there because they won the sections!
This is truly a great group of kids!!

We hope they go "all the way" and win the state tournament!

Once we got home the little children got to enjoy the very large trophy!

They are very proud of their big brother!!

And well- I went to the banquet feeling like I was lookin... pretty good! Oh yea!
And I had my nylon socks on and was dressed "nice casual"!
Except of course the nylon socks kept falling down which made me feel like I was back in grade school when my knee highs would always fall down!
Some things n.e.v.e.r change!

And "IF" you happen to be a fan in the stands you might just get malled by some very cute little kids!
Along with some karate moves and a headlock!
FYI- there is a candy jar AND the kids love to have many treats from it!!

Needless to say everyone loves going to go the games!
Sometimes we get a sitter and enjoy the games w/o the kids- usually it's because it is cold, dark and late.

Thank you Jesus for this time -
 to enjoy watching Johnny play soccer
to be with the kids in the stands
and for the candy jar!

Now- Let's go Red Knights!!
(we'll let you know what happens!)


Adeye said...

Wooohoooooo....that is AWESOME! ALL your kids are just so good looking :)

LOVE the new header pic. Stunning.

Hugs to you tonight, friend.

Sue said...

Way to go Johnny....
good luck at State

Vicky said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful proud Mama moment!

Jodi said...

Congrats Johnny! or should I say "Mr. Soccer"? :)
Way to go!!!

Lori said...

That's SO COOL! Congrats, Johnny!

The sock thing would have driven me CRAZY!! So funny!

Sally-Girl! said...

FUn times!!! Know the going to State has mixed emotions for you with Sam's upcoming surgery. Hard as a mommy of many to be in many places at one time!! Just remember our Lord is smiling down on you Jean!!! YOu have been a faithful servant!

Tesseraemum said...

Congrats Johnny!! Go all the way!!

Jo's Corner said...

Go, Johnny! You're a Rockin' Big Brother! I hope your team goes ALL THE WAY!!

Chris said...

Had to comment on the socks. Oh my! we had to keep our knee hi's up and after a half a year, you know the elastic gave out. So we each made these elastic loops to use as garters...only we didn't know they were called that. Don't you wish you were in grade school again?