Thursday, October 6, 2011

Surgery Done and Back Home!

Last night she had a late night snack before going to bed!
Apples from a local orchard and caramel!

This morning she was up bright and early ready to go!
Once we arrived I could tell she was getting a little nervous and wondering what the heck she got herself into! 
If she coulda backed out she woulda!
The surgery began at 9:00 and the dentist started.
The cavities were worse than originally suspected- so Thankful we got it done now!

Two of the teeth were abscessed and draining. They were beyond saving and they needed to come out right away. I can't believe she was not in more pain. If it were me I'd be demanding to see the dentist no matter what time of day or night it was! All of our children have such a high pain tolerance.
Another tooth was in the roof of her mouth- which is common with Cleft Lip/ Palate.
And then 4 new crowns for a grand total of 6 in her mouth! 
Yikes- who is this girls mother!!
She brushed twice a day but it looks like we are going to have to step it up a bit when it comes to oral hygiene.

For the next 2 hours after that the plastic surgeon worked on her. The bumped up her little nose and took away the puff of skin she had under it. They tried to give her nice lines like the rest of us.
The found out her upper lip muscles are not attached to each other, so that will be another surgery.

Her recovery was fast! Once I got there she settled down and ate two freeze pops and watched a show!
The next thing we knew we were heading home!

I do love this cuddly time!

So precious, so sweet!

And so short!

She's up, she's eating and she is playing with the kids!
So much for cuddle time!

Stitches out in a week! No activities for 2 weeks! 

Wish me luck, it's hard to keep this girl down!


Chris said...

teeth are pretty much genetic..I wouldn't stress it too much. Maybe her good nutrition after coming to you will give her good adult teeth.

Susan A said...

ow, looks sore... praying that Anna will be healed quickly :)

The Heald Family said...

AWWWW Sweet Anna - it hurts me to see her, but I am glad it went well. Her nose looks amazing - I guess Lee Lee will have that one done in another year. Please give Anna a big hug from all of us!

Pam said...

Oh, Sweet Girl.

Laura L. said...

Yay, Anna! Tell her we're sending our thoughts and a hug. Happy that it's done. Thought of and prayed for her today. Happy to hear that all went well.

Sally-Girl! said...

So glad that is behind you!!! Now onto the BIG one in a few weeks!! Bet you will be glad to have that one behind you too!!!

My goodness you have a lot going on don't ya!!!

Anna is adorable stitched or unstitched!

Hezra said...

oh my SO praying for you. I cant imagine keeping my fast mover still. He was 1 when he had stitches and it was IMPOSSIBLE! I wanted to bubble wrap him. I dont think I slept for a week. lol praying for your beautiful baby girl to feel better and heal fast.

Janet and Kevin said...

So glad the surgery is over. Now the healing can begin! Praying for your sweet little daughter, Jean.

janet and gang

Tesseraemum said...

Aww, sweet girl! She was really brave!!
She looks older now!! Do you think so? You probably start collecting are going to need them to keep the boys at bay!! Just Saying !! HEE ! Sheri

Wendy said...

Anna is just beautiful!!! What a trooper. I bet her mouth will feel so much better!!! Do not fret about her teeth, you are doing just fine.

Faye Verquer said...

Anna looks GREAT! Lily had some bad teeth issues and they found it to all be genetic. There was nothing we could have done better that what we had been doing! She has 2 teeth pulled 1 cap and 3 with fillings. Its horrible that she looks like she lost teeth already but is just in Kindergarten! She is starting to notice and asks me all the time if I think she is ugly. UGH...

She looks beautiful..

David and Janet Hurley said...

Glad Anna is doing so well. She looks like she handled it well, wow- the teeth--I would have been screaming! And it is reassuring to me that this surgery is not nearly as bad as cleft repair. Avery may have this next summer, she is 6, but too small, among other things. She also has the tooth in the roof.
Does Anna have to have the bone graft?

Difference2This1 said... glad she did so well. Ref. the teeth...don't be too hard on yourself. There's so many different reasons for teeth issues. Learned this watching Robyn get 9 fillings and two molars pulled that had absessed over the past three years while her same aged sister with the same dental practices had no issues!! Prayers for no issues as she recovers!! Jennifer

Kim said...

She is just precious. You have a beautiful family. Praying for a fast healing for your sweet girl.

Sammy said...

It looks great!!!