Monday, October 17, 2011

Things are moving along... fast!

Things seem to be happening fast!
It's a little scary and yet it's a good thing!

Anna is healing up nicely- it is still red and has some scar tissue but each day it is looking better! She has already been cleared for all activities- karate, dance and gymnastics!

(this was taken only 6 days after surgery- it looks much better now!)

Sam and I leave for Cincy 2 weeks from today! We will be gone for 5-6 days. I will be staying in the hospital with him during that time so if you are in the area and would like to visit us- we would love it and will do what we can to have it work out! Of course it does depend on how he is doing but a short break at the coffee shop would be heavenly! Please email me (email address is on the side bar!) We go back for 3-4 days in mid November.

We have received our I800 approval and our NVC letter! Our Art 5 will be picked up on October 25th!

Then we wait for our TA! Which could arrive anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Obviously we are hoping for the 2 week wait!!

This would mean we would leave for China in the end of November! 
Gulp! That's only 6 weeks away! Oh my we have quite a list of things to get done before then!

I have been moving all the clothes around into the right closets. In Mn we have distinct seasons and as we approach winter there is no need to have summer clothes in your closet(or sadly anywhere nearby) especially when you share a closet with 2 other sisters! So we are trying clothes on, moving them around from child to child because my goodness these children have grown!

Sarah, Emma and Ellie are now sharing a room and a closet! Ava, Abby and Anna will be sharing a closet. Sam and Luke will share a closet but will be sleeping with Ava, Abby and Anna in the beginning because as Sam said "I would be scared"! 

Good sleep habits are so important for all of us, especially for us not so young parents! Of course if anyone is having trouble sleeping they are welcome to join Babba and Momma! FYI Babba snores big time and Momma... well, I've never heard a peep outta her ;-)

The boys will move to their room when they are ready!!

We are so excited to go to China and get Abby and Luke!! I have made all their Dr appts for when we arrive home.

Abby will be going to the hematologist/oncologist group here in town. After receiving the records they immediately scheduled her with the oncologist. I was surprised- I shouldn't be but I was...
Abby was diagnosed with MDS-RAS but that is a disease that is common among 60 yr old men NOT 5 yr old Asian girls...
On the flip side Ch*na seems to be correct with many of their diagnosis?
So we will take it one day at a time and do all that we can to help our sweet little girl!!

When we decided to adopt Abby- God impressed upon our hearts "she needs to come home". We were already smitten with her so when we both separately came to that conclusion we new we had/ wanted to bring her home!! Now the time is so close! Praise God she will come home, her diagnosis will be confirmed and she will get the help she needs!

Within 6 weeks we will leave for China to get this dear little boy that has waited so long for his forever family. Two years ago I heard God say to me "He is your son"! It was such a shock but so very clear! We put our faith and trust in HIM. Knowing that if it was meant to be- it would be! I am in awe that we are finally nearing the time that it all will come true!  Praising HIM!! To us this is nothing short of a miracle! God's promise will soon be fulfilled!

There is so much to do at home and yet there is nothing that is more important than going to China to get our dear children!! 

(Well ya- going to Cincy, too and... and... and...)

So, so, so THANKFUL to GOD!


Sally-Girl! said...

Yes, my dear friend what a full plate you have right now. I remember last year someone telling me I had a banquet. I reminded her a banquet of love though!!! Same to you friend!! Love you so much!! Miss you even more!

Sarah said...

6 weeks! Wow! I am so excited for you!

Angie said...

You must be so excited,, and probably exhausted thinking about so much to do in such a short time! One day at a time, friend. Love the family photo. Won't it be a riot taking a new one with two more little ones?

adoption journey said...

You are so blessed! A busy time, but so much fun! And you'll be home for Christmas with the whole family. So wonderful!!!!! We've been waiting for our LOA since our log in date of July 20, and still no word. Our homestudy was completed in Feb! Next time, we'll use your agency!!

Holly said...

I wish we could have met up in Cincy but I'm also thankful that we are on the healing side of cincy and only 1 more size up to go for dilations!!!! Dr. Levitt or Pena?

Dandelion Wishes said...

Love your blog! I just nominated you for the stylish blogger award. See my blog for more information on accepting the award, entry dated October 15. God bless.

Kim said...

It looks like our timelines for travel are very similar. Our Article 5 pickup is Oct21st. We are hoping to travel by the end of November. We are certainly praying hard for that. Our newest treasure is a 2.5 yr old little boy from Nanjing. I believe your daughters Emma and Ellie are from the same SWI as our Mandy. Maybe our paths will cross while we are in China.
Praying for Sam and for your family as he undergoes his surgery.

Sue said...

I am so excited for all of you. I will pray that Sam's surgery is very successful and that you get your children home in 6 weeks or less....

Annie said...

Oh my goodness, Jean!!! I had no idea you were so close to travel!! Praise the Lord, Jean! I remember your very sweet, heart filled, faith filled emails to me about(then) "Arizona"!! I am just in awe! I will be praying for all that you have ahead of you and for your TWO new babies!!!! YAY!!