Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why I Love Vanna!

She isn't particularly pretty but she has a nice look!

She gets me where I need to go!

She goes from 0-60, not saying how long it may take BUT she does it!

Everyone on the road wants to get around her! They see her coming and they step on the gas- anything not to be caught behind the big white family van! 
She doesn't care, she takes it like a champ!

Her only friends have writing on the side or carry criminals to the local jail!

Speed bumps are not her friend...

Conversation while riding in Vanna can be challenging- it's hard to hear what they are saying in the back seat.

Parking ramps USUALLY work! NOT ALWAYS! But usually!
She's 6'10" and I often find myself ducking (and praying) as we drive through the ramps!

I was just mentioning to hubby how our state has neglected their roads... he informed me that the roads were just fine... Hmmmmm?

There are a few empty seats in her... like ahhh, maybe 4!
Therefor she leave you wondering IF we may have something up our sleeve!?!

the best part of Vanna is she carries this crew!
We are all together!
We don't have to take 2 cars!
Even the big kids occasionally ride in her!

I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Cool is long gone but FAMILY is so IN!!

She even fits in the garage!
She's a keeper!!


connie said...

Hehe. I told someone the other day our Beast isn't lean and slick, but she gets large groups of people from one place to another, and we LOVE that! All your Vanna needs is a slick decal - I think I can hook you up ;-)

Jennifer P said...

Can totally relate. We have "Big Red". People ask me if we count heads? I say, "No, we count empty seats, much faster...!"

Speed bumps are brutal and I usually give up communicating with the back seat although I still try every time!

Won't fit in parking garages in Boston, though. I have parking TICKETS to prove it.

But, I agree. Being together is a huge blessing!

Jennifer P said...

And Connie, would those cute decals with all the kids, the cat and the dog, even fit across the back of our VANS?

Faye Verquer said...

WE LOVE OUR BIG BLUE!!! Its awesome! We do the same duck and pray when we go in parking garage's its hilarious! Enjoy that....and SPILL are going to get 2 more where are the other 2???


Shonni said...

Ohhh, you have put into poetic form why these van’s are special!!! Love them

Gayle Opp said...

Jean, I just want you to know that I switched blog addresses--our computer crashed and I couldn't remember the password :) or worse, your email address. Gracie is having surgery on Tuesday--the new blog address is

Love your van!! And...we are no longer cool either!!

Love you!

Jo's Corner said...

I'm thinking that Anna is having surgery today, right? Praying that she does well and recovers quickly!!

*Overflowing* said...

Hehehe, LOVE this post. Hubby keeps refusing to buy a 12 or 15 passenger van...he's worried I will want to fill it...muuwaahaha!!!

Pam said...

Cool is out but family is in! I love it! And I love your post, Jean. AND I want to know what is up your sleeve!

adoption journey said...

We found out that our Chevy Express doesn't fit into our garage after we bought it! Oops. But it does hold our growing family!