Monday, November 21, 2011

Could Ya Help Me Out Here!?! EDITED!

We have been married for almost 30 year and I have never done this before...

I have never does this with any family member...

I can't believe I did it TODAY!

Yes, there are many things going on right now. 
I have many thoughts in my head- Sam's surgery and recovery, traveling back and forth to Cincy. Thanksgiving- which I can't believe is already here. 
Packing and preparing to go to China in less than a week.
AND, thoughts of Christmas do enter my mind- can't prepare now but praying it will go well.

Excuses, yes, they are all excuses!

Usually men do this... not the ladies, we would never do this!

BUT, today I just did...


Ahhhhhhhh, I can't believe I did that!

Luckily, he has a great sense of humor and quickly covered for me! 
He lead the children in a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME song!
(as I sunk in my seat)

So could you please help me out here!
Would you wish my dear hubby, Jim, a Happy Birthday!

It's also our oldest son's birthday! MAtt!
I technically didn't forget his big day because he lives in another state and I have time to call him later and wish him a Happy B -Day!
Yep- first born child and hubby share a birthday! I think maybe I'll remind him of the gift that I gave him 28 years ago!
I have recovered well- hubby has a cake, we'll have a family dinner and I have a few gifts for him- whew!

He/they will love your messages!
Thank you!!


Sue said...

Happy birthday to an amazing father and husband. You are Amazing Jim. Have a wonderful Birthday as you prepare for Thanksgiving and going to China to bring your daughter and son home.

Sally-Girl! said...

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest dad's and hubby's I know!!!!

Now go snuggle with Jean for 5 minutes!!! It would be a gift for both of you!!!

Lori said...

Aww, poor guy!

Happy Birthday, Jim!

Jean loves you, even though she forgot all about you. Really, she does. LOL

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Jim! You don't seem like the kind of guy who would be upset, so I'm sure you are having a wonderful day anyways.

Jean, both Doug and I can't remember our wedding anniversary date, and we need to pull out the certificate to find out for sure. Now THATS bad!

Good luck with everything, it sounds crazy but when you get through to the other side it will all have been worth it.


Jennifer P said...

Happy Birthday dear hubby Jim! You must be the best, really, it's not hard to tell!

Faye Verquer said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jim...we know it will be the best ever!!!

Chad and Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Jim!!
(said with a very southern Alabama accent:))

I just think the world of you and your precious family!

God Bless!

Jboo said...

Happy Birthday Jim & Matt!! How fun to have the same b-days! Enjoy your special day with your incredibly sweet family!


momof4boys said...

Happy Birthday all the way from the great White North where it has been -40 in the last few days. I read about your family daily and share the love for you and all your kiddos.
Again, Happy Birthday from Yukon, Canada!

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Jim! Can't imagine how crazy your schedules are right now with everything going on! Hope your day is happy!!

Janet and gang

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Happy Birthday Jim & Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and you did know your wife is "pregnant" and that makes you do lots of weird things!!! ;)

Susan A said...

Happy birthday, Jim, and happy birthday, Matt :)

julie said...

Happy Birthday to Jim and Matt!! I hope you all have a wonderful evening. November 21st is the best birthdate's mine, too!


Vicky said...

Happy Birthday, Jim!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Jim and Matt! Praying that you have a fabulous day!

Matilda Joyce said...


Happy birthday to everyone!!!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to a good man of God! A wonderful daddy and a man with a heart for orphans! You are blessed by a quiver full and soon to be fuller!And you got an awful cute wife there too. You two are a great pair.

Dawn in OR.

MommaT said...

Happy Birthday! I know you know you have a wonderful wife because you are a wonderful husband you will forgive her:) You are both a blessing to me even though I have never met you...almost...but never

kristin said...

Happy Birthday Jim and Matt! Hope your day is fabulous!

Chris said...

I'll agree that pregnancy (twins at that) will do that to a woman.

She will make it up to you, I'm sure!

Happy birthday Jim!

TanyaLea said...

Happy Birthday, Jim! I love that you handled Jean's slip with such grace. If anyone knows how crazy busy life is in your household right now, it's YOU! Sounds like she saved herself though, and now you'll have the next 30 years of marriage to rub it in, just a little, for the 'fun' of it you know!! ;)

And Happy Birthday to Matt, too!!

Jean, I think everyone is going to grant you and extra large dose of grace right now with all that you've had on your plate, and will have for awhile yet. Oh my... you are definitely one of my "superwoman" friends! SERIOUSLY!!

Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend, and know how much you all are loved! Miss you!


Blogging Friend said...

Happy Birthday Jim!! I must say you have to be one of the most forgiving and wonderful Husband alive. Always remember you have a wonderful woman beside you as your wife and together you make a great couple.
I love your wife dearly. She is such an amazing woman.

Happy Birthday to Matt as well!

Happy Thanksgiving to your whole family. I hope you have a great time. Enjoy being together as one big family. You honestly do not know how lucky you all are to be so close to each other. In fact some of us blog friends could be jealous of your loving family.


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Jim! You have a beautiful family and I LOVE reading your lovely bride's blog posts!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Glad your special day turned out so well:)