Friday, November 4, 2011

Homeward Bound!!

When we arrived here and learned that we had the wrong itinerary- we couldn't think straight or have enough time to re-plan. We were supposed to go home tonight- Friday but then they told us we needed to be here for an appt on Wednesday morning. It was such a surprise- we were not prepared at home or here for the change. Hubby (and our sitter during the day) took care of everything at home and I took care of everything here.

Well, now we have been discharged from the hospital and we are sitting in a hotel... many miles from home! Sam is doing okay as long as he is on pain meds. Walking and sitting do pose a problem for him- poor guy. He has a catheter in and will have it taken out on Wednesday morning... here in Cincy. Plus they will also teach a few other things that will help Sam with his recovery.

This little guy really makes the best of things! He is such a good little boy!
Today as we arrived at our hotel- the fog lifted and we realized we were paying to have us stay in a hotel, for food, for transportation, etc. At home hubby has a business trip so we were paying for babysitting on top of that- solution is - Sam and I fly home!

We both are excited to see everyone - especially Mark who flew home for Johnny's game!

I have loved my time with my little boy and we still have 3 trips back here- just the two of us!

BUT, I am also excited to visit with the hubby and let the "play team" entertain Mr. Sam!

So tomorrow morning at 4:30am we will rise and shine and prepare to "go home"!


There are a few people I did not get a chance to see while we were here- I am planning more visiting time during our January surgery trip!!
This trip was spent figuring out what I was supposed to do and where I was supposed to be!
In January- I will be a pro!
Thank you for being so kind and wanting to see us!!


Jackie Egan said...

So glad Sam is doing well. I will pray for a safe trip for you both. You could have stayed right next store to the hospital at the Ronald McDonald House for only $15 a night. Keep that in mind for next time. Maybe we will be able to get together the next time you come to Cincinnati.
God Bless
Mom to many here in Cincinnati area

Holly said...

So glad all is well! Kids are such great little troopers, aren't they? He is a little sweetheart! Praise the Lord for answered prayer. :)

Blogging Friend said...


I know that you are ready to get home and see your other kids and I assume the Doctors have approved him to fly home. Does this mean that you will fly back to Cincy on Wednesday?

Next time you are there find out if they have a Ronald McDonald House you can say at. They are really nice and actually fun to stay at if needed.

Good luck on the way home and then again at home.


kippi said...

Been praying for you all!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying for safe travels!!!! And complete healing :)

mbcfree said...

Wow. I missed your blog for a couple of days and you have a million new posts. I have got to be more diligent! Sam looks wonderful! What a miracle that God found the perfect family for him. I will be praying for your family and all your activities! Take care of yourself as well! ;)

Tesseraemum said...

I'm sooo Glad you were able to go home! Sam (and mom) will be much happier sleeping in your own beds!

I will come the next trip. My mom was admitted to the hospital thursday so I was probably not going to make it this week. I will be ready to go when you come back!! Sheri