Friday, November 11, 2011

New Pics and Prayers!

Thank you for all your packing comments!! I have giggled and been motivated!! I am so glad I'm not the only one with this issue!

We have an update on Luke! He is so precious and beyond adorable! I cannot wait to get him in my arms, or at least semi close to wherever I am! I am guessing he will be in Babba's arm's long before he is in mine!

His birthday is coming up soon! I can't believe he is going to be 3 years old on November 18th!

We have asked for an update on Abby but we have already received 2 from a Province that is not good with giving updates so we are counting ourselves lucky and moving forward! We know she is the same size as Anna so buying clothes will be fairly easy! The hardest part is keeping them from Anna before we go to China! She wants to wear everything first that happens to be in the "Anna/ Abby" category!

Please do pray for these two treasures that we are about to get! We know Luke is doing well BUT we really don't know his current heart situation plus he has many cavities which is not good for a child with a heart issue.
We have asked Abby's province to be sure to transfuse her right before gotcha day so she will feel good while we are together in China (which will be 19 days). We will probably have to bring her straight to the ER once we arrive home- so your prayers will we so appreciated!

We are so thankful for the people at Hubby's work that were able to cut and paste and photo shop 3 missing family members into this picture! It feels so good to have everyone together... even if it is just a picture! Thank you Jesus for all our blessings!

We plan to send a copy to Luke and Abby and have a photo pillow made for them of their loving, large and slightly crazy family!!

FYI- Biggest bro Matt(far left), itty bitty Abby and Luke were added in! Thank you so much for to those that worked on it!!

We are also asking for more prayers regarding our TA. Their may be a hitch- Johnny turned 18 in Oct and did not have clearance. Everything had long ago been submitted but this detail was overlooked. We are in process to get this taken care of- and thought we were all cleared to go but now I am not so sure??
It may be holding up our TA.

To be honest- it makes me weak in the knees and my stomach turns- we want to get these dear children home. Please pray that God paves the way and clears up any hiccup that may have happened. Please pray that his perfect timing will be the result and that we travel to China asap!

Thank you!!


Ainsley* said...

family photo is adorable but i did notice your hubby's arm is missing lol the funny things with photoshop! praying for hicups to smooth themselves outt!!

Vicky said...

I just love the new photo, it's amazing what they can do with photoshop!

I pray that Johnny's clearance comes quickly without a holdup on your TA!

Abby and Luke as blessed to be a part of your family

How is Sam? Is he okay since his surgery!

Lori said...

LOVE the new family pic!!

We had the same issue with Brenden turning 18 during our did take some extra time to get him cleared as an adult but in the end, it turned out that none of it made it to GZ...and no one asked about it there. All that extra work and expense for NOTHING. LOL But you gotta do it cause you sure don't want things held up while you're in CH!

Jennifer P said...

Oh my! He is CUTE! I hope that picture becomes a reality in the very NEAR future.


Sally-Girl! said...

Oh how I love that boy Luke and to think the I get to watch him grow up in your home is simply amazing and awesome for me!!!

The new family photo is great!!!! Love it!!!

Praying for speedy clearance on Johnny's fingerprints! Oh adoption is not for the weak of heart!!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Ug--that rule has messed up so many families, including us. The 1st time a kid turned 18 here, I had asked the agency about it--6 mo beforehand during the HS. We were told that USCIS would not let us go ahead and do prints ahead of the 18th Bday--crazy. The next time we had another child's done 4months before his birthday.
It is so frustrating that so many are getting different answers when this occurs.
Of course I am not glad about your delay--but maybe this means we will get to meet in China!
(I'll be the one with no excess luggage;) )

Wright Family said...

If you get to meet Janet, you might get to meet me (we are 3 days behind her)....I am heading down to reread your blog responses on traveling close to Christmas :(.....I'll be the one who won't need to spend a penny on laundry in China....catherine

Karin said...

Love the new family photo! Our Katie had a mouth full of cavities with a heart condition, too. I wasn't sure if they would do her surgery here before she got the cavities taken care of. They did--however. They put her under to do her teeth. I was so thankful for that. When she woke up she had a mouthful of silver. :)

Difference2This1 said...

Sweet family picture, Jean :) Prayers paperwork moves along fast for the updated clearance. Blessings, Jennifer

Shonni said...

Adorable picture of you son and love the family picture!!! I am praying for ya’ll

Annie said...

Oh Jean, I will be praying!!!!!

Mom/Gramma said...

Hi Jean,
I sent you a facebook message b/c I don't know how else to email you. Just had a couple of questions about what I can send over with you to my kids. :)
CONGRATULATIONS on your soon-to-be son, Luke! I didn't know what wonderful family he was going to be a part of - - - wonderful!
Thanks so much!
Dauna Johnston (Lynsay's mom)