Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pinch Me Please!

Yes, we are home and so very thankful to be here!

Don't get me wrong we are so grateful to God for the skilled Physicians that did Sam's surgery, truly a blessing from God but being home is such good medicine! It's exactly what the doctor ordered!

In Cincinnati, Sam won the hearts of so many... Doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, health aids, volunteers, child care specialists and the list goes on! 

All he was doing... was being himself!

Right before he had surgery they asked if his name was Samuel M*lvahill...  he said NO!
Then they asked him what was his age... he answered back... 11!
He had everyone on the O.R. giggling!
I had to tell him they would think they had the wrong child if he didn't start answering the questions correctly!

This is MY boy! This is/was an orphan... this is a child with anal atresia or imperforate anus. 
This is a child that sat... and sat... and sat on the waiting child list.
His referral was about to be returned to Ch*na...

We couldn't believe that this beautiful boy had not been scooped up by a family...

And yet... we are so thankful he is ours!

Is your sweet boy waiting for you? 

IF he is grab him while you can! 

You won't be sorry! 

But, you will be thankful!


Pam said...

Your little Sam has the sweetest smile~ such a blessing! Little boys are SO much fun!

TanyaLea said...

I love that little man, and I haven't even met him in person {yet!}

I seriously want to get together with you sometime when you have a couple hours to spare. I know the dust has no time to settle right now, especially with your upcoming travels to China. But when you have time, can you hit me with an email and I will even drive to you. I think we're about 45 minutes apart. I just want to talk to you more about Sam's SN and a little girl who has my heart burdened for her, and she has some of the same SN's as Sam. I don't know what it means, if anything right now, as we financially are not ready to jump back in yet. But trusting God and praying for this Sweetie who also 'sits' on the SF list without a match. It burdens my heart so, and I have even begun dreaming about her. So when I realized Sam has the same SN's, I knew you'd be the perfect person to visit with regarding her. Again, WHEN you have a moment, if that ever happens when you are such a busy mommy! But I know Khloe would love playing with your kiddos again when it does work.

Love you and thanks for sharing your precious Sammy with us... I don't know how anyone could NOT fall in love with that sweet, sweet face of his... and it sounds like he's equally as sweet inside! God is good!! <><

~ Tanya