Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Surgery, Recovery and Back In Our Room

Sam's surgery was at 12:30 today. It was a challenge keeping all food and drink away from him  for the morning but we did it@
He is such a sweet little boy!
The nurse asked him- " Sam, What are they going to do?"
Sam answered "I dunno?"
We have talked about it many times but it is hard for him to understand what is happening. He just focuses on the end result- he'll be able to "go" like everyone else.

I am sure he is going to wonder what on earth did they do today and why? BUT, it is all part of a process so this sweet boy can be like the other kids. 

 In my eyes he is already so perfect just the way he is!

He got a little scared and teary before the surgery but he rallied and calmed down. It helped that his nurse was named Sarah just like his big sister Sarah!

Before surgery they asked him his name- Are you Samuel Mulvahill
Nope, he said!
Then they asked how old are you?
At this point I had to interject- Sam you have to tell them the truth or they'll think they have the wrong little boy!
He probably wouldn't have minded if some other poor soul had this surgery instead of him!

His surgery was 4 hours long. It was more complicated than anticipated - poor dear had a lot of inflammation inside due to the unforeseen fistula between the bladder and colon. It amazes me the pain tolerance these children have- we are so glad that we are here where the experts are to help our sweet boy!

We returned to our room at 6:00. He has a little water and a grape popsicle - which ended up on the sheets! No more food for tonight- we're giving his tummy and break!

He is supposed to have minimal activity for A MONTH! Hello, he's a 5 yr old boy! This should be interesting!

The Doctor feels that the surgery went well but does not know if he will be bowel continent yet- we will know that in time... meanwhile- let's pray about it!!

I feel your prayers and am so grateful for your prayers!

Tonight is the national honor society banquet that Johnny and Hubby are at...
Tomorrow is the  State soccer championship...

Yes, I want to be at these events and support Johnny but I know I am right where I need to be! 
Feeling so thankful to God!


Holly said...

Precious angel...praying for a great recovery and perfect results!

Sarah said...

So glad that the surgery went well. Praying for a great outcome! He sure is a cutie!!!

Karen said...

Praying for healing and great results so he can "go" like everyone else.

Vicky said...

Praying for a complete uncomplicated healing!

The Heald Family said...

So glad the surgery went well and I am praying his little body heals perfectly:) Sweet boy!
You are in the right place, and I bet Jim will take lots of pictures - maybe not as many as you though - ha ha!

Laura L. said...

Hey there! Been thinking about you guys and praying. So glad to hear that surgery is all done and went well. Thank you Lord. :)
Will pray for the continence issue too.

Difference2This1 said...

Thankful to read the surgery went well; prayers for a quick recovery. Boy...are you ever going to be busy keeping that boy quiet for a month!!! :)

Sue said...

I have been thinking about all of you this week. I know how hard it is to be with every child that has a big event going on. Prayers that Sam will feel better and that there will be no complications, that Johnny will do great at Soccer championship. And about keeping the boy quiet for a month..maybe we should have Katie and Him together as she won't be able to do much either for a month....

Cari said...

almost every time our Sami has surgery "stuff" ends up on the sheets too. Her stomach doesn't do very well from the anesthetic. Praying for complete healing in Sam and your sanity while in the hospital :)

Jolene said...

Oh, Praise the Lord that he came through that surgery fine. My prayers for his healing and for mom as you try to minimize his activities for a month! Good gravy that should be tough. Praying for your little man!

Jo's Corner said...

I've been thinking about Sam & his mama all day today! I'm praying that he's able to eat & drink and even play a bit! Jean, it's pretty amazing that Sam did so well considering he had the fistula. Quite often bacteria from the colon can get into the bladder or the opposite and cause life-threatening bacterial infections. For sure, God had His Hands on your little guy! I'm so happy that they found and repaired it. Even if the results of this surgery aren't exactly what you were hoping for, just to know that the fistula was discovered is a Miracle! Sam is such a lovely little boy, beautiful really. (Just don't tell him that I said he's beautiful!) I am always in awe at the children you have been blessed with. They each may have issues, but every one of them is special! I see and feel something Holy when I look at their faces. Truly, the Holy Spirit is alive and working in their healing hearts. I love them. I hope You are taking care of You! Mama needs to stay strong for her little people who depend on her for everything, right now. So Eat and Drink and try to rest your sweet self. Love you, too! ~ Your MN. Sister in Christ! ~ Jo

TanyaLea said...

Oh sweet, precious Sam ~ feel better soon, buddy! We're holding you up in prayer and trusting that it was God Himself who guided the hands of your surgeons, so that your bowels will work just as they were designed to. You just get better soon and take it easy. Mama may have to let you play lots of DS games and have fun with her I-phone apps in the meantime!! ;)

Praying for your heart, too, Jean. I know it's hard to not be with Johnny right now, but you're right, God has you right where you need to be at this point in time. And I'm certain Johnny understands this, too. Know that you and Sam are in our prayers and that we are joining with you and others in prayer, asking and trusting God for full bowel function, in Jesus' name.

In that note, I know now is really not the time to ask, but when you pray for Sam, could you think of Khloe, too, and lift her up. We are praying for full bladder continence and she is having some troubles with bacteria, too. It's all normal, considering she had bladder exstrophia, but God is able to heal her, too... and last I heard, He is still in the miracle making business!!

Love and Hugs,
~ Tanya

Holly said...

I'm confused. He must have had a very different surgery than E had as she was NPO for 12 days and in the hospital for 2 weeks...there was no opportunity to fly home. She had a PICC line the whole time and catheter too. Hmmm. Well glad you get to go home and he can eat and drink. Chat later! Holly