Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taking a short break-

from the craziness of packing for China, to blog!

Lists are all over the place and we are constantly coming and going. Seems like I am always thinking of one more thing we need for China!

I am to the point where I am even running the unnecessary errands and getting the unnecessary things! Such as why have I decided at this moment that all the kids need new tennis shoes- I do not know! But, I did and now they have them!

Emma and Ellie desperately wanted light up shoes- they are something to be sout (is that a word?) after in China. It must be only the coolest of cool that get them because all of our children have drooled over them! So- I gave in and bought them a pair- in my opinion they are too old for light up velcro shoes BUT since I have purchased them I have become the BEST MOM in the world! I can do it for that title!! And the look in their eyes as they admire their new shoes!!

Ava, Anna, Sam Abby and Luke all have them too- wow maybe now I'm the BESTEST MOM in the world! Cool! That works for me!!

Sarah had then when she was 9 and 10 and has since moved on to grown up tennis shoes!

I have also come to the conclusion that I will no longer be the appt maker for some family members!

WHY? because every time I make them, they cancel and reschedule! I'm trying not to take it personally- but instead in the future I will tell them to g**gle the number and call as soon as possible!
I made an appt for Johnny yesterday at 3:00 to go to the ortho and get his bottom retainer re put on! He said to me- MOM, that's a Friday- I don't do appts on Fridays after school.
I said- Nooooo, it's a Tuesday not a Friday.
He said- No, it's a Friday because we don't have school the next day.
I said- I know you don't but it's a Tuesday...
and so on!
You get the point!

Right now I have 3 boys at the barbers! (I was supposed to have four- see previous paragraph!)
Sammy went with his big brothers- Mark and JOhnny to get haircuts. He was so cute with his big bros!! Oh man, imagine Luke in the mix- I'm melting!!
I have no idea what my boys will look like most likely I will think they should have cut it shorter but whatever!

A little adoption update- we leave on the 28th and will have Abby in our arms on the 30th!! It was originally scheduled for the 1st but the orphanage changed it. Can't wait!!

It snowed last weekend- the kids were thrilled!! Ava and Sam had not experienced snow? That surprised me since they are from Henan?

I was not so thrilled at the thought of bundling up 6 kiddos for an outside playtime but it ended up worth it! They had a blast and we ended up getting the mudroom closet cleaned!

Oh, and the Hubby's b-day went great! (Whew)
Thank you for the wonderful wishes!! He loved them!!

God Bless Your Thanksgiving!!


Sarah said...

Thanks for the update...I love reading them! Can't wait to read all about your two new cuties!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAYING as you prepare to meet your kiddos!!!!!!! Can't wait to see them HOME!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh boy, what a great birthday present you are getting me! My birthday is the 30th! I will so enjoy seeing your Gotcha Day pictures on my b-day! Will be thinking of you over in China the entire day!

God bless you all!

janet, kevin, ted, sophia, philip, and elijah

jahkamakura said...

Great update!! You are never too old for light up shoes, especially if they are your first pair....being The Bestest Mom is worth the effort.

The Heald Family said...

I'll be praying & thinking of you all week!!
So exciting:)

Susan A said...

Loved the pics, especially cute snow wear :)

saut is saught (thought I'd share since you asked :) I'm a teacher so I can't resist :)

Jo's Corner said...

Hey, if I could find a pair of shoes that light up in my size, I'd be buying them! I don't know if E & E are actually their real age, at least emotionally and developmentally. I am just delighted that you took the time, right before you leave to bring your new Babies home, to take your kiddos shopping! It says a lot about your Momma Heart!
You asked about the word saut. It's actually sought. Meaning to seek or find.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Karen H. said...

Hey, I know what you mean about making appts. for those "older" kids!! Mine do the VERY same thing. And I've done the same as you and lovingly tell them , "make your own appointments!"

Shonni said...

See you on the other side (I pray!!!!)

Jennifer said...

Been thinking of you! :) Won't be long and you'll be on your way!!! :)