Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trusting Him

Hubby and I sat down as we began this adoption and plotted out our target dates. It's fun to try to make some sense of a process that doesn't always make sense! We were amazed at how close our targeted dates were. Each time we where within 3 days of what we had hoped.

But our TA(Travel Approval to Ch*na) doesn't seem to want to cooperate! 

Leaving on the 28th was what we were hoping but that probably isn't going to happen. If our TA comes tomorrow there still may be titch of hope BUT after that our travel date will most likely move to the following week.

It's not wrong for us to hope and pray for a certain date BUT the best part of this whole process is that we are NOT in charge AND that we have prayed often and given it to our GOD! This whole process is in his very capable hands AND at this point only HE knows our travel plans!

We are looking forward to when he will be sharing them with us!

Dear sweet Luke has seen so many of his little friends leave his foster home. It breaks my heart that he has had to wait. 

I am sure Abby has seen many of the children at her CWI leave for their forever families, too.

Soon, dear children, soon it will be your time!
I cannot wait to wrap my arms around these precious treasures!


Sally-Girl! said...

I can't wait to see my dear sweet friend's arms wrapped around these treasures as well!!!

Sarah said...

Yes! Praying for soon...very soon!!

Mandi said...

Praying, praying, praying you get your TA this week. I know all too well what you mean by God being in control. We too had target dates, ours were to travel in the summer, or at the latest early fall. Now we are just really hoping and praying to travel by Christmas or at the latest, the end of the year. God is definitely the one to make it happen.
We did just find out our Article 5 will be dropped off this Friday or at the very latest, next Tuesday, so at least we are seeing some movement.

Praying for you

The Byrd's Nest said...

Praying that it will be very soon!! I think God loves to answer these prayers:)

Laura L. said...

Just wanted to leave a comment about God's timing. What peace there is in knowing He is in control. You will receive your sweet ones on the days that He has in mind. He designed it long ago. :)
I say all this as a reminder to myself as well. God has a perfect plan, He always does. Even when the experts say we will travel at a certain time. We will be traveling when He plans. ;)