Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wow, What a Day!

Today was the Championship game for the State High School League!
Our son Johnny and the team he plays on were in the championship game!
When our surgery was scheduled I knew there could be a conflict but the making it all the way to state finals doesn't happen often and I figured it wouldn't happen for us.

I was wrong!

Because we do have so much going on right now I just prayed about the timing and gave it to God.
We have Sam's surgery(2 trips to Cincy on November), High School Soccer, an adoption journey to China (on day 7 of the TA wait) coming up soon. There are many other things going on but those are the big items! 

I knew there was no way I could successfully plan it all out, it was beyond me. Just thinking about it made my head spin! 
So I gave it to the Master and prayed over it!
Once again HE has done an amazing job!!

Please indulge me for a moment!

And another moment...

And another...

That's my boy!

Wanna know something kind of funny?
I was a high jumper in high school!
Do you think I can take any of the credit for this boys hops?


So here I am in Cincy with our sweet boy Sammy!
At 11:00 he falls asleep and takes a nice nap!

I turn on my computer and go to a site- that DH and DD told me about and whoola

I get to watch the game!!

To me- that is amazing!!

It was a blast!!



And I really can't believe I got to watch it!!

Only GOD!!

Update on Sammy tomorrow!


Diane said...

Congratulations! That is awesome!

Vicky said...

Only God! Wow! Perfect timing with Sammy's nap too! Great photos! Congratulations!

Lori said...

OH, Jean!!! That is SO COOL! All the pics are totally, what a great player he is! And the fact that you got to watch it on online is just the BEST!

Love it!!

Jodi said...

Awesome!!! How incredible! Congratulations to Johnny and his team! As a fellow soccer mom I just feel the excitement through the photos! Awesome!

Chris said...

OK, I thought soccer is played with the feet! All these pics look as if it is played with the head!

Looked like a wild game!

Nancy said...

Those photos are awesome! Way to go Johnny and team!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Wow Jean! You must be so proud!! And for the Lord to arrange everything and give you a way to watch the game (and even orchestrate the nap)--how sweet is that?!!

Congratulations Johnny, and team, and families!!

Great job, high jumpin' mama!



Sally-Girl! said...

Made my heart so happy when you texted me that you were watching!!!! Almost as much as your last text!!! Hehehehe I know what you are doing tomorrow!!!