Monday, December 12, 2011

Guess Who We Saw Today!!

We were so happy to meet up with Shonni, Kaylin and the two kids!!
As we were eating we were joined by Donna!! 
It was so wonderful to have some time together!!
Then Donna had to leave... it was time for her to meet her new daughter!
 Yay God! How very very exciting!! 

After lunch the kids played at the park!
Noelani and Sarah were able to interact and play a little!
Clive enjoyed Jim- they are both going to love having a Daddy and siblings!!
They are very excited to get home and reunite with the rest of the family!

We strolled around the island and visited!
We loved spending the afternoon with them! They are so nice and have a great sense of humor!
I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity to meet up with them in China!

We have been going and going so we decided that tonight we needed to go to bed early... actually the children needed to go to bed early!

They had cozy baths and playtime in the tub!

This is the courtesy smile!
Thank you Luke!

We had dinner in the room! Luke wanted outta the tub fast when he saw the food!

Chinese Chicken Noodle soup hit the spot! They all loved it!

Hubby and I relaxed and visited!

After dinner the children watched a movie! At 8:00 the lights went out and Mr Luke and Miss Abby hit the hay! They were very happy to go to bed!

God is so Good!!


Jodi said...

so thankful that you and Shonni were able to meet up! I was praying that you would! I'm sure y'all were a wonderful encouragement to them!
Just love following your journey! Your babies are so adorable!

kimjax said...

Jean - I've been following along your entire trip and it's been such a blessing. You guys make adopting 2 at once look easy! :) I've also been able to justify over packing after seeing your post with all your bags, lol. Congratulations on your new little ones - they're precious!

Angie said...

OK, you can't be too tired if you're posting about paint colors on Lori's blog! :) Other than wanting to get back to the other children, don't you sometimes wish these amazing trips would last forever? What a joyful trip you've had! I was wondering if you had met up with Shonni and her children. Great timing, that was!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh how FUN that you got to meet up with Donna and Shonni!! Love that!

Jennifer P said...

Oh what fun to meet up with others of the same heart and mind, especially ones we know and love in blogland. Jean, the kids look so happy! Glad your trip is going so well.

Sally-Girl! said...

So so glad you met Shonni!! Rather so glad she met you as it sounds like she could use your shoulder right now!

Luke's personality is adorable. If he were a girl you'd call him a sassy little thing!

Sophie said...

What a wonderful meeting, amazing how God brings people together.
The kids are precioius!

Chris said...

Hey, if you are hanging around GZ..look for a Mennonite couple w/ 2 repaired cleft and another needing repair. Mom has snow-white hair. She has 9 or 10 kids as guys would probably have something in common

Just tell her that Chris Weaver, from the Adoption News...told you about them :^)

mary said...

I am sure you were a great encouragement to Shonni. I follow her blog also and know that this initial time together has been a great challenge for her. I will definitely be praying for her and Kaylin.

Jennifer said...

Very cool to be able to meet up with friends! You'll be headed home very soon! :) Yay! Praying for smooth flights home! :)

Anonymous said...

hey jean!
donna that you met adopted a little girl from my new girls' same orphanage, i was able to even hug her for donna and snap some picks when we were there in April. you are correct, small world! Do you miss the island?
we ended up coming home with about 10 pairs of "china hotel" chop sticks...oops!
hang in there!!! I'll pray that the days go FAST!
enjoy every minute,