Saturday, December 3, 2011

Her Diagnosis and The Orphanage Visit

We were so happy that they allowed us to visit her orphanage!
She had been there ever since she was found at 2yrs 4 months ago, in the hospital. I am guessing that is when they diagnosed her.

Abby has MDS-RAS it is an anemia that changes into a leukemia at some point. When? We do not know? It is a diagnosis that is more commonly given to adults in the 50's and 60's.  More men have it than women. At this point it is dealt with through regular blood transfusions- every 4 weeks. In Ch*na she would spend a week in the hospital each time. They would slowly transfuse her and closely observe her. I am not sure WHY it took so long for a transfusion? I thought it could be done in hours?
This will be a learning experience for me and for our family.

I have found Ch*na to be usually correct with their diagnosis. Often there is more going on than what is on the referral, usually not less.

We know we serve an amazing, all powerful God who can move mountains!
We know that God lead us to our little girl and impressed upon our hearts that she needed to come home.
We know that GOD is in control and pray to HIM for our daughters health and future!

Within days of arriving home we will take Abby to the Oncologist. They will run tests and at that point re-diagnose her. Then they will devise a treatment plan. It will most likely include continued transfusions. There is a chance she will need a bone marrow transplant. I know very little about that procedure and about donors but once again we will learn and do what we need to do for our little girl!

Why am I sharing all this with you?
Honestly, I believe in the power of prayer. The power of many petitioning God for a child. I believe that you will pray with me for our daughter.
When we know more we will share.

Abby was nervous about going back to the orphanage. I think she was scared we may leave her there- poor dear.
The Xi'an CWI is also referred to as the pink palace.
From the information I got this is where all the children go to school.

When we arrived she eagerly got out of the van with a smile on her face!
 There was a nanny and two small children walking up to the building.
I quickly got my list of names out (of requests by other parents for pictures) and this sweet little girl in the pink was on my list!
I can't believe the timing! That is so God!!
Her Momma was in need of a picture- she had sent a gift a month ago and never got anything back.
I am so thankful God could use us to bring Joy to her new Momma!!

Aren't those two precious!!

And I thought Abby was itty bitty! Silly me!
The other two names of children that I had were not in this orphanage. So I was not able to get their pics.
I got Catherine's message too late- I was so disappointed- I wish I could have gotten a pic of her son- so sorry Catherine. I really never imagined they would let us do this and was so surprised and thankful that we could!

Abby's friends were so excited to see her and her new family!!

Of course it helps when you bring suckers!!

Abby was well liked at her school! We are very thankful for that!
It was a clean and good environment (for an orphanage/school setting).
The children go here in the morning and back to their "home" for lunch and then back again to school for the afternoon.

More than the suckers the children wanted us- they wanted parents to call their own. They wanted our attention, hugs, to be carried, they wanted anything they could get from us...
Our time with them was short, too short.
They were precious little treasures with aching hearts for a family...

At one point Abby came up to me and grabbed my hand as if to say- she's MY Mom!

Some children wanted help opening the wrapper of their sucker but were concerned if they gave it to me... would I give it back?

This little girl wanted to come home with us and called me Momma.
Oh God Bless her!

They told us that Abby lived with these two children but when we got to her home we found out they just lived in the same building.
There are 800 orphans in Xi'an CWI.

Here is her Half the Sky- Little Sisters preschool class.

Then we took a short walk to where she lived. I am not sure if all the children live in these apartments or if just some live here in a family like setting and others live in an orphanage?
Abby's home was on the 6th floor.

Once the children discovered we were there they cam running out to great us and to see Abby's family- along with getting a sucker!

Her foster Mom was the one on the right, in the red. She seemed very nice but did not shower Abby with love. Other adults were much warmer to her.

The apartment was immaculate and incredibly clean! Simple but nice!
It even had a flat screen TV. 

Four children lived there with a Momma and Babba.
It had 3 bedroom, bathroom, family room and kitchen area.

This is Abby's bedroom- three children shared this room and one child was in the other room.
I did not find out who was in the other beds. Who did she live with?? Something I wish I would have done. Maybe the cameras that were returned to us will have more info... I hope!

This is Abby's bed!

It was so good to see where our daughter has been since she was 2 yrs and 4 months old.
I did not have the feeling though that she had been there for that long... If so wouldn't there have been tears upon saying good bye?

(Why at moments like this do I forget to ask the right questions?)

There was nothing. No tears...
She left happily waving goodbye without looking back.
No one cried...
I got a little emotional but fought back the tears and moved on - she's our now and we look forward to what is ahead of us. This little girl is a treasure!

Thank you Jesus!


Angie said...

Oh, Jean, what an amazing blessing to have all of those photos for your family, especially Abby. Not many of us have had that opportunity! Praying for Abby's health!

Jodi said...

What an exciting, emotional time! But ohhh yes, how wonderful that you were able to get a small glimpse of her life before coming home.
We will be praying for Abby and can't wait to see what God will do in her life!

Jennifer P said...

What a wonderful piece of her life you know have for her. I still wonder how much is culture when it comes to showing emotion...I know you would bring a few more home if you could!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - you and your family's love for the orphan touches our hearts. I shared your post with Kevin, and we both got teary.

So happy Abby is with you now. She can feel your deep, deep love for her already. How happy you all will be once you get home, too!

When we stayed at Philip's foster village in August for those few days, that is how we felt the children were there - having all of their physical needs met but so needing a mommy and daddy. Many of them would just climb up us as quickly as they could to get all of the hugging and love they could. So sad. So wishing we could have taken all of those precious children home.

Love to you as you continue your Ch*na journey and thinking of you often. Will definitely lift up your daughter for her healing.

janet and gang

Sammy said...

Jean, You're inspirational!!

Jennifer said...

Praying that God will continue to move mountains in Abby's life. :) Love the pictures and reading about your visit! :)

From This Moment said...

Jean, thank you so much for sharing this post and thank you so much for "trying" for me! You are such a wonderful person! What a wonderful treasure these pictures will be for Abby. Seeing these children and your descriptions of them and calling you momma, just tore me up...I haven't even received LOA yet on my precious Isabella and already feel a tug on my heart for another precious child. OH, how they all deserve momma's and baba's!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh what a tearful post:) I was thinking....the children must have been loved because they exhibited so much love. It must be terribly hard to be a foster mom (I couldn't do it) and not let yourself get attached to each and every child.

I'm so thankful she had so many friends who loved her until her Mommy and Daddy came to take her home:)

Sarah said...

So many precious children in need of families...this post made me cry. It looks like Abby was in a nice place, but I'm so very glad that she's with you now.

Sally-Girl! said...

Good Morning Friend, don't even have my cup of tea yet and I have the privilege of reading not one but two emails from you and this wonderful post. You are tugging at my heart in all the ways that don't seem capable right now bad friend, bad friend!!!! :-)

I agree that it is nice that she was in such a lovely and well taken care of place, but no place is like home forever!!!

I hope the transition continues to be smooth. For Gio, there was no looking back!

Love you!

Dawn said...

Jean, You did a good job of finding out all the info you could for Abby. I'm not sure if you could have found out more or been sure of what you found out. It may be she was moved more then you know..I keep thinking of 800 children there... so glad you made it one less...will be praying for little Abby for sure. Thanks for the pictures..

Our family: said...

So many sweet little ones! It's so heartbreaking to see them cling to visiters and wanted a mama and baba so much. What a joy that Abby has a forever family now. I will add Abby to my prayers for her sn.

Matilda Joyce said...

I have a full heart right now! Thank you for sharing.

debjimhayes said...

Jean, what a beautiful little girl your new daughter is! What a journey you share with us and we are so thankful.Praying for you all!! xo LOVE the updates and yes we will contune praying here in NY! xo to you and all your family.(You are an amazing lady)

Becky said...

Abby is absolutely beautiful!! She will definitaly be prayed for at our home in regards to her diagnosis. She justs fits into your family perfectly! :-) Can't wait to see your little Luke, too. Our best to all of you!!

TanyaLea said... said that absolutely right: She is YOURS now and I too look forward to watching her future unfold in the arms of a VERY loving family who will shower her with more love than she has probably ever experienced before. She is a beautiful treasure, and I will be praying for her health and her future and her HEALING, in Jesus' name! She is a hunny indeed!!

Oh how I feel the emotions from your post alone ~ it would've been so hard to hold back the tears in your shoes.

And did you say 800 kids there alone!?! Oh my. SO heartbreaking to think of so many children without a mommy and daddy to tuck them in at night. To read them books and say prayers with them. To train them up to be all that God created them to be. It's a staggering number... but small in the bigger picture of 147million. Oh my heart.

So fun getting to know your precious girl and seeing her personality emerge. You are such a great mama, Jean ~ and your entire family is BLESSED to have you!

Blessing & Hugs,
~ Tanya

Annie said...

Oh Jean!!! You know I will be praying! I prayed for her when she was still an orphan and I will continue to pray for her now that she has her wonderful family!!! The Lord brought you to her and will guide you in her care. She just looks so incredibly healthy! Did I ever tell you about the first child I ever advocated for? She was deaf and had been diagnosed with cancer (leukemia). She just looked too healthy to have cancer. Sure enough the Lord brought her family to her and sure enough she did NOT have cancer!!! I will pray the same for Abby!