Sunday, December 11, 2011

Medical exams and ...

The children had their medical exams done. Our two children surprised them just a bit. They had a couple different Docs come and listen to Luke. They determined that, yes his heart beat is irregular at times but felt he was doing very well. 

We do plan to have him seen in MPLS- BUT we would also consider traveling to a doctor if that is what is best for him. Feel free to leave a recommendation in the comment section! We need a Pediatric cardiologist group- the best in the USA works for us!! Whoever that is?

We would love to take him close to home BUT I have gotten questionable vibes from the local group- they would not take the time to write a brief letter to help expedite his adoption and the Dr didn't even take the time to talk to us... hmmmm- not so sure they are the right group? Planning to bring him in and see- praying that God directs us!

When Abby had her medical exam they were very surprised at her diagnosis. 
A couple different Docs came in to see her. He finally asked me how did they come up with this diagnosis and then I said- I have no clue, I was going to ask you that question. 
He was not so sure that was a correct diagnosis, we are not either??? Her spleen and liver are enlarged. The one blood test had her Hgb as 2.86- so something is happening where she needs the transfusions BUT what is it?? 
I would love to hop on a plane now and go straight to the Dr and find out what is going on with our little Abigail Elizabeth?

I'm running into a little bit of trouble with the photo shoots!
One of my models is not cooperating!
As you can see Luke is shaking his head- NO more pictures!

He has been so good with it so far but I think my days of snapping away with him are numbered!
He will fit in perfectly with the big boys!
They often say- no pics mom!

Even Abby is not so interested in posing for me!

Thank goodness I still have Sarah! She'll smile for me!!
We ate at Lucy's! It felt good to be on the island!
It is just more peaceful and we can take a stroll down the parkway!

After lunch we played in the park.

I especially love this pic BECAUSE of the rays of sun shining down on Luke.
When my mother passed away the clouds broke and they son shined through- it was a blessed moment.
So when I can see the rays of sun, I know my mom is near!
Oh my, how she would love these treasures of ours!

The park worked out prefect after lunch!
It was different this time. No other newly adopted children were there- it felt like something was missing at the park

Luke talks a lot! It is adorable and he walks right up to us... like we are supposed to know what he is saying! We quickly call Sarah to our side to translate!
OR we pretend we know what he is saying and answer him back!
That actually works sometimes!
He talks in 3rd person, just like Elmo!
It is so cute!

After we left the island he said... "I didn't find my Momma and Babba..." 
It was kind of sad...
But at the same time he is happy, active and doing so well!
 He seems to like both of us and is enjoying Sarah and Abby.

At night we had a group dinner. These three had lots of fun together!
They didn't misbehave BUT then I'm not so sure they behaved either!
I think it was somewhere in between!

( I am so proud of Sarah and her social skills with other children. She just seems to blend in so well. We are happily surprised and very thankful for the confidence that she is gaining!)

We had four huge round tables and we had a lot of fun!
Almost everyone from our group was there!

Once again I will say, we have thee nicest group and we feel very blessed to be part of it!

Note to Gege's (big brothers)- he is not playing with a doll!
This is part of an electrical engineering test- her tail lights up!
Soooo, there's no need to worry!

And now he is doing a mathematical calculation- how many times can the hair ties go around the ponytail?
Serious stuff going on here!

Sweet Abby is doing so well!
She is such a blessing!

Thank you Jesus!

You may want to read the post below- I may have posted twice in one day?


Lori said...

Yay, another post! GREAT pics, Jean...even if your models aren't cooperating. Cute faces no matter what! the Barbie engineering experiments!

Interesting about Abby's diagnosis...Isaiah had several things that they diagnosed him with in China...but so far NOTHING has proven true. The blood tests indicate *something* is off...but so far he is as healthy as can be and NOTHING appears to be wrong. We'll see! So hopefully Abby is the same way!

Wright Family said...

could you comment on the weather in Guangzhou? I may have to take the summer clothes/ bathing suits out of our suitcases! It looks like you are wearing jackets!

Dr. D said...

Hi Jean,

I think that Diana at the blog "First a Pearl then 3 Rubies" posted about their daughter needing to have surgery for her spleen and treatment for Hgb levels. Her daughter may have been around the age of Abby when she came home from China. Diana sang the praises of the doctor who treated her daughter in the US. Maybe you can contact her through her blog at

Rebecca said...

Hi Jean!

I love following your blog, though I have never commented until today. Sorry! :)

I just had to respond to your question about where to take Luke to see the best a cardiologists. I was born with a congenital heart defect that required a few different surgeries. My parents took me to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, TX as they are known for having the best pediatric cardiologists in the US.

We lived in TX, so it was not too far for us to travel. However, people brought there children there from all over the US. When I was in the hospital for my final heart surgery at the age of 11, I remember being surprised that there being children on my same floor (the cardiac unit) that were from other states within the US as well as a couple of children there from other countries. My mom told me it was because this hospital had the absolute best doctors and when a child is having heart surgery, there parents are willing to travel as far as necessary to get them to the best doctors :) The doctor who did my surgery retired a long time ago, but I know that hospital is still known for being one of the best!

Maureen said...

I think the top 3 hospitals for pediatric cardiology Boston, Philidelphia, and Ann Arbor (MI). I am from Cleveland, and I know the Cleveland Clinic has as decent cardiology program. They also are pretty good at diagnosis of rare problems (if you want to do that with Abby at the same time)

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - we go to a Dr. Marcus Schamberger out of Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana for Elijah's heart defect. Riley is a wonderful children's hospital, and we love Dr. Schamberger. He is also a fellow China adoptive parent! If you need to know more, just e-mail me when you return home.

janet and gang

Sarah said...

I love reading about your trip....I am sooooo missing China. I love India, but honestly, our adoption from India is going to be nothing like China! So, I'll just live vicariously through you!

The kids are just precious...absolutely adorable.

Sammy said...

Our Lyric goes to Riley in Indianapolis also, but she sees Dr Randall Cauldwell. Above someone mentioned Schamberger and Cauldwell is his boss. Our kids see a ton of different doctors at Riley. Right now I am there every week. We average one to two surgeries a year and have been for over five years.

Anonymous said...

we stayed at the china hotel too, jean, our second time around.
our girls were horrendous! we stayed in the hotel most of the 2 weeks!
They did not want to hold hands and the streets were so crowded.
the park across the street is beautiful if you venture over.
thanks for the prayers for my friend on the island and the others.
you are a great encouragement.
hugs from laura

Karen H. said...

You're in Minnesota aren't you? We took our daughter to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (for a different special need) and saw Dr. Jonathan Johnson. He is a pediatric cardiologist. We only saw him once, but I loved his gentle mannerisms and his thoroughness with explaining things to us. We would definitely be back to see him if it weren't for a matter of insurance stuff!

Karin said...

Maureen is correct...Boston, Philly and Ann Arbor are the best in the country. Kate had her surgery in Ann Arbor but now that we are in Boston, we go there. I cannot say enough about the doctors in both places. Our current cardiologist returns my emails in less than 24 hours and is always willing to review files of my friends' children (whether they will come to Boston or not!). He is so wonderful (and an adoptive dad himself). If you want to come to Boston, I can give you our doctor's name and contact info.