Friday, December 2, 2011

Personality Emerging!

No more than two hours from the last post our lil' darling started to come out of her shell!

We found out that she loved to wash her hands, she loved the feel of the soap in her slippery fingers and the sweet smell when she was done! But ... ya know done is a relative term because our Lil' darling has washed her hands over and over and over again!

And... that's because she has experienced EVERY bathroom in all of Xi'an!
I believe at this point in our adventure she prefers our very own hotel bathroom (at least her mother does)!

However that fact that she is so so cute while washing her hands even for the ahem 8th time makes it completely okay!
FYI- she is standing on the garbage can to reach!

Did you know? that a bed is much like a trampoline?
We found that out today!

It was fun!!
Until big sis Sarah did it and a... Mom made us stop!

Obviously, we needed a little fresh air and some exercise!
Why not include a photo shoot too!!

And once again the FUN began!!
I am sure the fact that big sissy Sarah is tickling her had nothing to do with the fact she was on the floor during the so called photo shoot!!

Today she said the word JUMP! And no, oh oh, Sarah, and we can tell there is more to come!
She continues to amaze us!

Isn't that glass cool! It is made crooked! 
Well, it didn't live long because ya know... glass breaks and it did! 

 Abby has a great giggle! She is a wiggle worm at times but still as sweet as can be!
She is thrilled to have a family!!
And we are thrilled to be that family!!

Will post on orphanage visit next!!


Karin said...

OMGoodness...she is so cute! I'm so glad to hear she is doing so well! Love sharing your journey. :)

Mandi said...

Oh Jean, Abby is absolutely adorable! She has the most beautiful eyes. I am SO enjoying reading and seeing your pictures. We will hopefully be not too far behind you. Our Article 5 is on its way to Bejing!

Jennifer said...

She's a firecracker! :) Love her little personality! :)

Chris said...

what a sweetheart!
So excited to see your family growing again!!!
enjoy the whirlwind visit-can't wait to see Luke with you all.

Sarah said...

She is just the cutest!!!

Nancy said...

So sweet! I wonder if the hand washing is because she can look at herself in the mirror. Maybe thats new to her?

Sally-Girl! said...

100% adorable!!! She truly could not be any cuter and that is a good thing as I know the little boy you are adding to your forever family in a few days can't get any cuter either!! What a lucky mama and baba you are!!!

Tell Sarah hi and I am proud of the great big sister she has become!!!

Angie said...

Happy, happy little girl. She just knew the joy that was awaiting her!

Dawn said...

She is as cute as can be... Sarah is such a help I can see. Thank you for sharing!

Sammy said...

Wow, I didn't even know you were in China. She is a doll!

Donna said...

She is adorable! My son is there in Xian CWI as well.

Would you mind telling me what hotel you are in? We won't travel until Aprilish but the hotel beds look great!

Annie said...

Oh my, Jean!!!! She is just PRECIOUS!!!!

Sue said...

Well written and so cute. Looks like a great personality and Sarah is doing a great job with her too.