Friday, December 30, 2011

Update on Luke's Heart!

Right before Christmas we took Luke into the Pediatric Cardiologist.
The appt went well and he did so good!
They did an ultrasound of his heart!
He laid their for over an hour- what a hero! Thank goodness I had some left over crackers from China in my purse! That helped him through the last half hour!

Luke has a very confusing heart!
It is on the wrong side of his body, it is in a slightly contorted position and was repaired in Israel 18 months ago.

While they were looking at it they said words like awesome repair and beautiful job!
In a nutshell he has everything he needs now- 2 atriums, 2 ventricles and all the vessels go to the right place!
18 months ago this little boy had life saving surgery- a blessing from our heavenly father!
It was not an easy surgery , even the Physicians in Israel questioned if they could do it.
BUT GOD could and so many people all over the world were praying and fasting for this sweet boy!

5 months earlier I had heard God speak. Out of the blue I heard "He is your son" as I was looking at Morningstar Foster home site and saw a picture of Luke.

I remember being very nervous and praying and fasting throughout the day of his surgery and throughout his recovery.
It truly amazes me that he is home now!
God is so awe inspiring!

There are a few things we need to watch AND their may be an upcoming surgery we are not sure- more tests need to be done.
Luke has two leaky valves which are not concerning at this point. His oxygen level runs at 96%- 99%.
His heart makes a hippity hop and a gallop sound!
He has an atrial rhythm, not a sinus rhythm like most people.

He does have a minor blockage where the pulmonary arteries go to the atrium of the heart.
That is the most concerning issue right now...

He will have a CAT scan and maybe a few other tests on January 10th.

They also had him wear a 24 hour monitor so they could see what his heart is doing throughout the day. We know he skips beats, so they want to see if there is a pattern or a reason.

He was so cute with this on!
He didn't complain or pull it off!
BUT of course it made his pants fall down!
He has the tiniest BUTT and his pants are always falling down! Sometimes even the diaper falls down!

So instead of wearing it on the back of his pants...

He carried it in his hand... for a whole 24 hours!
Yes, he is 3 and he did take out every puzzle we own!
It's okay, it turned into puzzle time for everyone else!

He held it or it was on the ground!
Hey, whatever works! 

All the kids were excited to see a bit of snow!
It didn't stay long BUT still it was exciting!
And yes, we gave up on the pants issue!

Hey, Like I said! ya do what ya gotta do!

Sam, Is just realizing that Luke has HIS toys!

Oh ya! I forgot I have to share!
It's okay, he's my brother!
(and my sister, and my sister and my sister!)

At this point... Luke is figuring out the sharing thing!
Really? Do I have too?
Okay, Okay!

This kid can almost do the splits! Future gymnast!
We were very happy to have our 24 hours over and be able to take all of this off our little guy!

We're jumping to Christmas eve night!
While in China we bought a chinese brand DVD player so everyone at home could enjoy some of their favorite Chinese cartoons!

They were all thrilled!
They are watching the happy goat and wolf show!
We call it Mei Ya Ya but I think we are wrong since every time we say it the "masses" correct us!
Masses meaning ALL the children!

Auntie Barbie came with some gifts for the children!

They all obviously opened at once!
Everyone enjoyed the chaos!

And... here are my littles!
such wonderful blessings!
3, 5, 5, 6 and 5!

Once again!
 Thank you, Jesus!


Sarah said...

So glad to hear that Luke is doing so well! It looks like you're having some wonderful days with all of your beautiful children!

Sally-Girl! said...

Loving your Luke and all your littles!!! Thank you Jesus!!

kimjax said...

Love the pics, Jean! Your kids are too cute! My youngest also has her heart on the opposite side - but now has a normal rhythm after surgery. I'm glad to hear his heart is doing well and the repair was good.

Lori said...

Love it, Jean!! What a fun post. I can't believe you have time even turn on your computer! But I'm glad you do cause it's so fun to see your kiddos in action.

Susan A said...

I love how God spoke to you out of the blue about Luke being your son. That just settles it in your knowing, doesn't it? :) I have something that is making me really hesistant, I need Him to speak to me clearly, like He did to you... could you pray for me that He will? Thought I'd ask :)

Jennifer said...

Luke is a miracle child! God has big plans for that little one. :)

Jen said...

Those Israeli doctors were surely instruments of God. He has big plans for this little boy!

Love the last pic of you littles!

Chris said...

It is scary when you get a message like that, we are moving forward in faith too

BTW according to our resident expert it is "mei yang-yang" sounds like young-young
yes that is a most "delightful" cartoon

Lori said...

Your comment on my blog about your 7-day old jeans totally cracked me up!