Sunday, December 11, 2011

We Are In GZ!

We are in Guangzhou now and very happy to be here. We have actually had 2 full days here already but ya know- I'm a little behind on the posting!
We miss having the island right out our front door - it was so peaceful! We loved being able to get out anytime we wanted and take a stroll.
We are trying to get used to the "new place"- the China Hotel. 
The room situation is better here. We have 2 rooms attached and can easily sleep all 5 of us comfortably!

We have loved our guides in all of the cities!
Rita is special to us because we had her just last march and now she is having a baby!!
Sarah says it's a boy, so I say it's a girl!
In the city families do not care which one it is- Rita and her hubby will be thrilled with either one!

Yisha and Vivienne were wonderful, too!
 We had such a big group we had 3 guides!

We want to thank all of the people in our group for packing light!!
They made it so people like us didn't have to pay extra!
Yes, I know I have issues!
Packing being only one of them!

Our plane was an hour late so we had plenty of time to hang out.
They had a playground in the airport (in Zhengzhou)!
What a great idea!

The children had so much fun playing on it!

Doesn't this kids look determined! Love the clenched fists!
This day was a little hard for Abby.
I think she was a little afraid- she cried 3 different times over minor things.

So we at the airport and Luke is sitting next to babba and he says to the other man next to him (who is chinese) "I'm looking for my Momma and Babba, they are in Beijing".
It was so cute and heartbreaking at the same time...

He seems very happy and is adjusting so well in every way but all that is happening is still a bit confusing for him.

These two are incredible!!

All the big kids had fun, too!

The night got very late for the children but they still did great!
They feel asleep in the bus on the way to the hotel and still went to bed right when we got into the room! They both are great sleepers!
Praise God!

Both our children have been very easy but in the past we have struggled while in China with new adoptees.
There are families that are here now that are struggling.
Please keep them in your prayers!


Angie said...

Happy to hear you made it to GZ. Always a good feeling to be back, isn't it? LOVE the sly look on Luke's face. Something tells me he knows just when to use it! Praying it continues to go smoothly with your two new treasures. Have fun in GZ, and grab a Starbucks for me there...just for the memory!

Lori said...

So happy you are in safe and sound in cozy GZ! And I'm so tickled that you are having such a smooth time with the children. It sounds like they are taking everything in stride.

It won't be long and you'll be on the plane HOME!

Holly said...

I loved seeing this post. We had Yisha and Rita as guides, and we loved both of them!