Friday, January 6, 2012

A Balancing Act

Abby and Luke are officially on our insurance. I know that is supposed to happen the minute they were ours but the insurance companies don't see it that way. They want proof, they want the adoption decree and they want the time to add them into the policy. Not everyone views adoption as all smiles and cuddly teddy bears- namely the insurance companies. 

We are so thankful for the people at Hubby's work that took the time to get the children added to our policy.

Both Abby and Luke have important test coming up and they have to be approved by the insurance company before they can happen. We were getting close to having to reschedule. Praise God the approval came in time!!

Is it just me or have things been getting a lot more difficult lately with health insurance companies?

Abby had her transfusion on Dec 20th. They did not retake the Hgb after the transfusion so we do not know what she got up to? She had one really good week and then once again her color started to change and dark circles under her eyes. 

So at the two week marker I brought her in to have it checked. 
It was at 8.2. 
For a healthy child that would be a concern but for Abby it means wait and watch her...

Wait for her respirations to go up, wait for her to look even more pale, darker circles under her eyes and her lips to lose their sweet pink tinge.
Wait for her heart rate to increase and for her heart murmer to be louder. Wait for her to need a nap during the day because she is so exhausted...

That sounds like torture to a Momma...
Part of me wants to rush in and insist on a blood transfusion- NOW.
I want her to feel good, to have her lovely olive skin tone and her precious pink lips. 
For her to want to try to speak english and hear her cute little giggle... 

BUT there is a reason for all of this...
And it makes sense BUT it doesn't make it easier...

Every time Abby gets a blood transfusion it fills her body with extra iron. The iron cannot just leave the body but is instead stored in her liver, her heart and who knows where else...
Where ever it is stored it causes damage to that organ.

Normal iron levels are around 50. 
Abby's is 4,400 as of December 20th.

That number makes my stomach turn... my head spin and I think I'll think of something else right now until we can deal with that issue...

Soooo, that is why we need to wait... until she is symptomatic...
It makes sense to me now. I don't like it, but it makes sense...
It is in her best interest (health wise) but it is hard to watch her feel worse day after day.

Just another tidbit of info. - children with excessive iron do not grow. Abby will be 6 in two weeks and she is already a half inch shorter that Anna. ( and I thought Anna was itty bitty!)

Abby has an ECHO of her heart in the afternoon of Tuesday the 10th and a Dr appt. following it.
Luke has a CT scan of his heart on the Morning of the 10th.
Praying for answers, healing and direction for both of the children.

Once we have test results in, we will know how to proceed with her care- future transfusions, possible medication and devise a plan to rid her body of the extra stored iron.

These two love bugs also have cavities galore!
(That's another post I am already working on)

We have also decided to not spend our days worrying about health issues and but to focus on enjoying our days!
Little Abby is all signed up for gymnastics on Wednesdays (she is in a younger class with Sam in the little gym), a homeschool gym class on Tuesdays and today (Friday) she will go to dance class with Ava and Anna!

As Luke gets a little older and we find out more about his slight blockage we will have him do a few activities, too. He did try to walk into Abby and Sam's class it was so cute but his momma scooped him up and held him- then we played a game on the ipad and had an clementine!
Option 2 worked well for little Luke!!


julie said...

Hi Jean!
We, too, had many issues with our insurance company. We are self-employed and having private insurance only added to our troubles. It took over a month to finally have Mia covered.
Love all the pictures...the kids look like they are all doing well.

Lori said...

Wow, we have never had any issues adding our new kiddos to our insurance. We just filled out a form and they were added, no questions asked. I love BCBS!

Anyway, so glad you got it worked out in time for the kids' tests that they are needing!

Susan said...

Hi Jean,
I've been a lurker for a couple years, following you & hubby on your journeys. My hubby & I adopted our little girl from China two years ago; she's now 3. It took me so long to get over the jetlag. I certainly could sympathize with you. We have 4 bios: 27, 23, 20, & 18 and one granddaughter, 1 mo. I just wanted you to know your blog is an encouragement to me.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Hi Jean,

I am so glad that you commented today. Somehow, your link had disappeared from my sidebar and I'd lost you.

I noticed tonight that we have a few similarities ...

... my hubby is Jim (although we've been married 29 years rather than 28).

... my oldest son is 27 and LOVES to snowboard,

... I have a young adult child living north of Minneapolis.

... I have a young daughter who has been living in Denver much of this year (but is in Liberia on a mission trip right now.)

... I have an 18 year old son who is a senior and a passionate athlete.

... Sarah is our oldest adopted daughter, and she came home in 2008, as well.

Crazy, huh?

Hope your weekend is BLESSED!


PS: Off to add you back to my sidebar. :)

Sarah said...

Oh, praying for your precious little ones. I'm so glad that your insurance was approved!

Karen H. said...

I'm interested in the information you provided about the amount of iron that's normal. Our daughter is prone to low Hemoglobin levels due to a rare syndrome and constant blood loss. Her hemoglobin was 4.6 when we brought her home from China in June of this year. She had a blood transfusion in July, and her hemoglobin was up to 10.2 a couple of months ago. She was given iron tablets in China and now our pediatricians want her on high levels of iron regularly. 6 ml. each day. I've asked numerous doctors about the issue of excess iron in the body and how we will know it's building up too much...but haven't had solid answers about that. She's been seen at Mayo, Mott's Children's Hospital, Helen DeVos Children's Hosp., and our local hospital. It concerns me after reading the potential damage that can be done to organs. I guess I'm going to have to really "push" until they give me an answer!

KHM said...

Hi guys

I was so surprised when I ran across your blog because - well it's you guys!

Glad you are adjusting to everything. I have to go back to work in another week so I am JAMMING the medical appointments. Lots of fun!

So glad I ran across your blog so I could get a good update on you all.

guangzhou with you all was fun. Except for that stroller up the mountain part . . .


Katie said...

Funny how everyone insurance is different. Our son had an insurance card before we left to go to China.