Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

We celebrated last Sunday with our Families with Children from China Playgroup!
The children were so excited to see their friends, go to a party and wear their chinese silks!!

As we looked for the outfits we realized we had forgotten a package of 4 traditional outfits while we were in China. What a bummer! One was a gift for a friend, the other was Luke's handsome navy blue outfit, Abby's new red outfit and a beautiful violet dress for Ava (because I figured she had grown a bit since we bought her outfit in China last March).
So if anyone knows how to get a hold of Jordan in the island, please let me know!!
Maybe someone else could bring it back with them??? 
Hmmmm?? Not a bad idea?

After pics at home we headed to the party!
I didn't take pics there- we were always busy or visiting!

The children did a dragon face craft. colored new year pics, ate great food (pot luck) and then played in a huge maze!
At first Abby and Luke were a little overwhelmed but soon the were running around like the other children!!

It was so much fun and we were able to visit with wonderful families!

Until the new year party turned into a poop party for our family!

I remembered many things except, an extra diaper, an extra outfit and colostomy supplies.
Silly me, what was I thinking!

Poor dear Abby had a blowout and didn't make it to the bathroom and once she did... well... poop was every where! ;-)
Daddy did such a good job cleaning it up BUT her pink tutu was MIA(missing in action) when we left!

He had so much fun and was his active self - his bag started leaking and when that happens without extra supplies... it's time to go!

Baa Humbug!
Every time I take a pic and say "look at me" he usually turns his head! 
He is such a funny guy!

Much, much better!!
And he had a poopy diaper so...
it was eazel dreazel drazzel drone...
time for this family to go HOME!

BTW, how do you get those silks clean?
I forgot the bib, sippy cup, etc!

Your probably wondering right now?
If I forgot all that...
 what did I remember?

The children and the food!!

(Sammy update next!)


The Rylands Family said...


Kim Jackson is in Wuhan now. She won't be in G'zhou for another two weeks, but I am sure she can get with Jordan. Also, Sharon Millender is heading there next week when she leaves her son's province. Let me know if you want one of them to try to chat with Jordan about your package.

Jennifer P said...

Terrible me but I just threw them in the washer and they came out fine...but then again I'm pretty sure I bought the cheapest I could find! :)

Sarah said...

Oh my! It sounded like a fun party, until well...the poop! So glad that you can roll with the punches! Your kids all look adorable!

Wright Family said...

mine always survive the washing machine too......I laughed when the lady at the store on the island told me last month that she was selling me 'real silk'....I told her I knew they were polyester and offered her half the price...she took it.....Catherine

Sue said...

I have been meaning to email you. I watched with admiration you guys leaving that night. I was across the room and Jim was trying to get all the kids ready to go. They were chowing out by the food. He was so calm and just slowly herding them to get there jackets on. It was such a beautiful scene. Anyone who would have seen that and was questioning how you do it (I know you have posted in the past that you have gotten some "concerns" from other people with how many children you have), you can see the love, patience, respect that you all have for one another.

Annie said...

Ah,Angie beat me to it:):) I know Kim or Sharon would be glad to bring it back for you. The kids looked great!!!!!!

Laura L. said...

Oh my! Who knew that you guys had such a poopy emergency when you left the party? I sure didn't. :) Sorry that happened. You seemed calm, cool, and collected.

If you still need to get the pkg. of silks, we can always get them for you in March when we are there. Just let me know if you should still need 'em.