Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions/ Rather Things To Do In 2012

Oh my, this list could be endless!

But here goes anyways!

Purge, clean out, clear out and organize. I have blogged about this before BUT I never actually did it! oops! It's time to get going on this right NOW!

I am hoping we will really get into a good homeschooling routine asap. The fall went great but now we have two new blessings home. I know the Lord will handle the details and everything will fall into place! Hopefully this year I will have at least 3 new readers (Anna, Ava and Ellie) and maybe even 4 (Sam) - we'll see?

2012 will be a year of bonding. Most likely it will not include a trip to China. We have brought home our blessings in record time, now we just need to give them tons of love and enjoy this marvelous time with them!

One of our family members will be moving to Europe. It's bittersweet - I will miss them but it is a wonderful opportunity to grow in courage and faith. SO, I am hoping 2012 will bring me and some other family members to Europe, also! I have never been there so it will be a welcomed adventure!
(I will post more on this when I can)

We will a lot of medical things going on this year! We need a diagnosis for Abby and a treatment plan. We need to know more about Luke's blockage and he may need surgery or a procedure. We have decided not to take Sam back to Cincy. I am sorry to the bloggy friends I was hoping to see- it looks like we will be having the surgery at home. For us this is a good choice. This is not necessarily an intricate surgery so it can be done by our local pediatric surgeons. I am very thankful to be able to stay close. I just can't see leaving Abby and Luke and the other children for 10 days. I have been gone too much lately- with 3 trips to Cincy in November and 3 weeks in China in December. 

Please say prayers for our little treasures- that God will heal them

I believe this will be a year of intense prayer. I can feel it- there will be many challenges this year- some I already know about and some only the Lord knows. I plan to stay close to HIM in prayer and by reading his word.
I also hope to "listen" better to God. Be peaceful and allow Him to speak to me and to use me to glorify HIM.

We have many things that have been left undone. Now that we are home without an adoption "in process", they need to "get done". We have to finish post adoption requirements. We need to manage things better at home - bills, schedules, appointments, money, etc.
Some of the children have photo albums and some do not- they all need them! They love to look through them and it is a documentation of their past. It's a very important for each child to have a photo album. I need to get this done for them! I also want to get gift/ photos albums off to the children's orphanages/ foster parents.

Our youngest birth child- JOhnny is going to graduate from High School this spring. I can't believe it... once again time has gone much too fast. It actually makes me teary just thinking about it.
What does not make me teary IS that he is taking his sweet time deciding! UGH! He does have a few non traditional ideas sooooo we will see what this boy ends up doing!
On top of that, our Mark is graduating from College this spring! Stay tuned for the "whats after college" segment! (A job sounds good to me!)

So I have all these plans, desires, ideas- right! Sounds like I have some direction, right...maybe! 

To be honest these are all the things I "think" I "should" do but God just has to say the word and we will change direction for HIM! Serving HIM is what is most important!

So once again we look forward to a year that will slowly be revealed by the Master!


Jennifer said...

So much to do and you'll get it done one step at a time. :) I love the freshness of a new year and the challenges that await! :) Praying for your littles and their health! :) Happy New Year!

Janet and Kevin said...

Jesn - praying for your busy year!

I could really relate to this post. We have done three adoptions in three years, and right now it feels right to stay at home and catch up on things, too! Kevin and I feel God has told us our family is complete, and so we are going a different direciton now.

Praying to start some kind of orphan/adoption ministry here at home and also having the mission trip back to Ch*na next June to serve at Philip's Ch*na home.

Just like you feel about your plans, these are ours at the moment, but if God calls us again, we will follow! Can't do anything else!

janet and gang

Vicky said...

Happy New Year!

It has been such a delight to read your blog this past year! I have loved watching you add to your sweet family and especially appreciated the recount of past adoptions.

I can't see a white van without thinking, "Vanna"!

I wish that I remembered to take photos as often as you do...I love the photos. You have welcomed me (the reader) into your family via your blog. Thank you!

Praying for your little ones that God will heal and provide the answers needed.

Again, Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

Blessings to you during 2012! And I agree, serving God is what's most important! Thank you for serving Him so well over the past few years.

Faye Verquer said...

That all sounds like a GREAT plan that I may join you on! We also have Emmalee graduating in May, and she has decided she will be going to the University of Cincinnati to study Nursing! She was accepted straight into the Nursing School!! That is an honor to have gotten that. SO there is 1 plan figured out! Now onto the next! Im bummed that you wont be coming to Cincy BUT I know we will have to get together sometime soon! We are thinking of a trip to your neck of the woods, all of our kids want to visit the Mall of America and we just may do that in April or July!

Love seeing all your sweeties in pictures and hearing all about them!

Take time to breath, rest and everything else will fall into place.


Sally-Girl! said...

Loving you through 2012!!! Our goals sound very similar and I got a great start today. It felt so good to get some things done that I have neglected. I am not feeling any adoptions in 2012 for us, but would love to do a mission trip again this year!

Karin said...

Catching up on your blog and rejoicing to see how you are all doing--and how you were able to have a special Christmas even tho you thought you wouldn't. I saw my parents over Christmas and my dad was talking about Luke and how he just loved him. :) I was happy to tell him that Luke had a forever family now!

Difference2This1 said...

Prayers for a joyful 2012 and lots of time with all those beautiful kids...young and old!! :)