Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Takedown! And Abby and Luke Update!

Once we got home with Abby and Luke the thought of flying to Cincy and having Sam's colostomy take down was over whelming.
So we made the decision to have it done here at home and it just so happened to be schedules for the exact same dates!
We will be admitted on January 25th (Wednesday) and have surgery on the 26th!

Caring for a child with a colostomy has been relatively easy.
Taking care of Sam has been a complete JOY!
A child is so much more than their diagnosis and just having Sam in our family makes it so obvious to all of us! We are so thankful we were not scared away by the name of his diagnosis - Imperforate Anus or Anal Atresia.

I don't think Sam completely understands what is going to happen this week. I have explained it to him but I think it is just too much for him to wrap his head around. He has never known not having his colostomy.

While he was in China we got an email from our agency. It said he was scheduled to have surgery in China and wondered if we wanted all of this done before getting him or if we wanted it done in America.
Although I was slightly tempted to say yes we had been advised to have it repaired at home, if possible. So we quickly emailed back STOP- we will have it done in America!!

We are thankful they listened and did not proceed with the surgery.
Not only would his repair be better done in the USA BUT I am so thankful we can be with him to comfort him and help him through the struggles that are ahead of us.

We may be in the hospital for up to one week, although we are hoping the time is shorter.

It will take time for him to be bowel continent and their are no guarantees. It may take months, it may take years but we will just deal with it as it comes. I am thankful this is happening in the winter so by the time summer rolls around we will know his situation better, hopefully have a routine and have lots of fun outside and in the pool!

Please pray for Sam!
For a successful surgery, that it is all done correctly, no complications, that he heals well and that he is able to adjust to his new situation!

Thank you!

And now onto these two darlings!

This morning Luke had his CT scan.
It went well and the rumor is that his blockage isn't as bad as they thought it was. We should get the official report on Friday.
Hoping the rumor is true!
His heart did great throughout the whole procedure!!
Thank you Jesus!!

Abby had her MRI today. She also did very well! 
When she saw the interpreter and everyone looking at her she started to cry but then we took out the Ipad and she forgot all about her concerns.
They said her heart looked great! Which means her iron overload has not affected her heart muscle BUT her liver is another story...
It's huge and it lit up like a Christmas Tree when they did the MRI of the heart. (I think they took a peek at her liver while doing the heart.)
She will have a liver MRI in a couple weeks.
Once again this is rumor and we will get the official report on Friday.

We left sooner than planned which is always nice!!

We are home now and preparing for tomorrow!
Thank you Jesus!!


The Leonard Family said...

Oh Jean...I know exactly what this little boy is going through....our next adoption will make #4 for us with children with major bowel issuse. Our son, Benjamin, who we brought home back in July 2012 was very sick and after two major surgeries, he finally had colostomy surgery right before Christmas and two week later we traveled to Disney for 2 weeks. He had Anal Atresia & a recto urethral fistula along with a Tethered spinal cord. He was very sick and accordign to our team of drs - he almost didn't make it. The little boy we are getting ready to travel for have the same conditions - except we do not know about the tethered cord but our team of drs here in DC are thinking he does (from his size and current medical status). Benjamin has been reversed since April of 2011 and he still can not have bowel movements without "assistance" and his anus is {partial} exposed. Only time will tell if his muscles will ever be normal but that's perfectly OK with us....must important thing is that he is with us {his forever family}...he is healthy...and he is loved. Praying for sweet Sam. I stayed with Benjamin over a week with each surgery and it is nt easy but so well worth it.

Jennifer said...

Praying for your little ones!!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Great News!! Let's keep it going for Sam!

Sarah said...

Wonderful heart news for both your sweethearts! I will be praying for Sam and also for Abby's liver

Shonni said...

I just got to say, YOUR CHILDREN ARE SO ADORABLE!. We will be praying for your family and healing.

Annie said...

Praying for all of your precious children Jean!!!!

Susan A said...

aw, I wish I could hug Sam! yes, praying as I type for the Lord to be with him, for him to be comforted, that the operation will be successful and may he have speedy recovery!

Glad to hear that Luke is doing well, and praying that if Abby's liver needs attention, that wisdom will be given to the doctors so that they know exactly how to remedy it.

And thank you so much for generously sharing your family pictures with us all, I bet all of us were oohing and aahing at the cute photos!!! :) thank you for the joy you bring into our lives!!! :)

Janet and Kevin said...

Praying here in Indiana, Jean.

janet and gang

Susan A said...
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Hanna said...

Sorry that was me earlier on, I removed my comment because I left it under my daughter's name.

Praying for your precious little children to be healed.

The Heald Family said...

praying for you all as you and Sam are in the hospital this week. How nice to have them both go to the hospital together:) Praying for Sam today!

Sammy said...

Sounds like you all are doing great and have things under control. The kids are so cute!