Monday, January 9, 2012

This and That!

I had a venting post all ready to go BUT I just can't post it. It was about how money talks and it just creeps me out- If we pay our bill a little late people are rude. If we pay early or on time they love us.

 Seriously- how can some people be so judgmental and shallow...
We were in Cincy 3x in November and then off to China for 3 weeks- I know it doesn't excuse anything but why should people jump to a conclusion and think the worst, just because a bill is not paid exactly on time...

Shouldn't people be treated respectfully no matter what??

Okay, I will stop there or I may just as well post my other post...

I like to think positively, be positive, be a problem solver NOT part of the problem!

This month and most likely next are going to be filled with medical appointments! I am so thankful to God that one by one they are falling into place! 
God is so good and so kind and I am just so grateful to HIM!!
He can handle this crazy scheduling need of ours!

We have been home for for 3 weeks and things are really falling into place. Luke is becoming more and more our son and it feels so good! He is so good natured and has an adorable sense of humor! He calls me Momma all the time and I love it! He knows all the younger children's names and many of the older kids, too! He is saying many many words in English and seems to understand everything we say!! (He had an American Foster family at his baby foster home). He is so interested in everything and repeats anything we ask him to repeat. He is very excited about the potty chairs distributed through out the house but not so sure he has any intentions of using them ;-).

We are waiting for our potty movies and books to arrive and then maybe in February we will start potty immersion! Sorry- that's a lot of potty talk but hey that's our life!!

Abby is doing well, too. After her transfusions she is chipper and alert but as the days go by our dear girl is more on survival mode and learning or repeating words are not high on her priority list. Tomorrow we will find out what her 23 day Hgb is and she will have an ECHO of her heart.

God has blessed us in MN with unseasonably warm weather so far!
(others may call it global warming BUT I call it a blessing!) 

The children searched and found the only existing patch of snow in our little neighborhood.

They have loved playing outside everyday and I have loved how easy it has been to get them in and out of the car, the store, the appointment, etc!

Cold weather is on it's way and reality that it actually is winter will hit us soon!
In fact, I think this Wednesday is the day ;-(

For now we are thankful for the outside time we have had!

Ellie has been so kind and helpful to her new little sister and brother!

Feeling Blessed!


Sally-Girl! said...

You are so blessed!! And I am so blessed to have you as a very dear friend!!! Miss you Polly Positive!!!

Sarah said...

Wow! It's hard to believe that that's MN! Your kids looks so cute in their jackets, etc.

Holly said...

Fun post and pictures!! Since Luke holds a special place in our hearts, I am so happy to hear the good reports about him.: ) And those girls' coats are just simply adorable!! May I ask where you found them??

Susan A said...

Loved seeing all the children snugly clothed in bright colours :) btw, I noticed your post about Word Verification went missing, will you be posting it back up again soon? I'm curious. Three times word verifications happened to me, and they were amazing, because it involved thinking and praying to the Lord, and it was like a direct confirmation when the word just appeared.

Angie said...

So thankful for this unseasonably beautiful weather, too! And can't wait to see our playset in our new backyard. Your kids are so fun to see in photos. Great that Ellie is being a "big sister" and pushing others on the swing!

Lori said...

Oh yes, paying bills on time...girl, if I didn't have most of mine taken automatically out of our account each month, I'd have plenty of people mad at me too! I'm just so not good at remembering all that stuff!

Great pics! We've had great weather here's been so wonderful!! I love the one patch of snow your kiddos found! So funny. Did they go sledding down it? LOL

Love ya, girl! So sorry you didn't win my t-shirt giveaway. Maybe next time!

Faye Verquer said...

ADORABLE BLESSINGS!! I know what you mean about those pesky bill people!! Geesh! They act like they dont have millions of other people who are a day or two late!!!

Have a GREAT day!! We are pretty warm in Cincy too!


kippi said...

Jean, any appointments on the 27th at Childrens Mpls? We will be there to have Adyn's tubes replaced and a 3D CT in prep for palate surgery this summer. Would love to meet you sometime.
You are a blessing to me - love the encouragement of your blog.

Kippi from Hinckley

Janet and Kevin said...

Will pray for all of your appt. schedules and healing for your treasures. Glad the warm weather has helped your transition home! We have had lovely weather in Indiana as well, but like you all, I think winter weather is on it's way soon.

Hugs to you sweet friend,
janet and gang