Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Update On Sam!

Sam had his surgery on Thursday. He was pretty much outta commission for that day.
On Friday he rested a lot and was quite sore.
It wasn't the colostomy take down site that was hurting him it was... the other spot!
Poor guy!

It was really good we did the surgery though because they found he has a minor hypospadias.
We probably would have never known had they not done this procedure.
It is something that can be taken care of in same day surgery at a later date.
I may be revealing too much BUT how can people learn if we keep everything hush hush?

One of the worst parts was the NG tube. It was necessary but uncomfortable for him.
He had such a great attitude throughout the whole thing. He is just not a complainer and has a high pain tolerance. I kept him busy with alternating playtimes (play doh, puzzles, books, Ipad, leapfrog, etc) and rest times.

On Saturday big sissy Kate came and took over!

Before I left Sammy tooted and pooped! It was a big moment for both of us!!

Katie stayed for 24 hours I was able to go home and see the children!
It was so nice to see them- I got tons of hugs and kisses!
It felt good to touch base at home and get reorganized!

Sam did great with Katie! Then Billy came to the hospital to see his little bro! Then Johnny and two friends stopped by!
Sam was thrilled to have so many visitors!
 Later on Saturday the NG tube came out!
Praise God!

I arrived back at the hospital at noon on Sunday!
Oh my I love my big kids! They are so kind and such wonderful brothers and sister!
The adore the little children!
Both are so blessed from their relationships!

A couple hours later the little children came with Daddy to the hospital to to visit Sam!
Everyone was so happy to see him! And he was thrilled to see them!

They made beautiful pictures for his room!

They loved his toys and wanted so badly to play with them BUT he didn't really feel like sharing!

The visit was relatively short but sweet!

Sam has his IV out now!
 He is eating regular food and after 4 days of not eating he is loving his food!

And he is pooping!
It's not controlled right now but it is still wonderful!

He is loving all of his balloons! 
And he is so happy he can bring them all home because we are not flying home, we are just driving 20 minutes down the road!

Billy stopped by again on Sunday(today)!

Want to hear some more great news?

We are going home tomorrow!



Sarah said...

Hooray! I'm so glad that everything went well and that you will all be home soon.

Sophie said...

Such adorable kids you have, so happy surgery went well and he'll be home tomorrow.

Tesseraemum said...

YEA!! Praise God!
So awesome that he is pooping already!! He's an overachiever!!

Yvette said...

Yeah for Sam and Yeah for poops!!

Laura L. said...

Congratulations to Sam on his successful procedures! Glad to hear he is doing so well and is home!! He looks great.

Jen said...

Yay for Sam!! So glad he is recovering well! It was wonderful to hear of the older children's hospital visits.

Janet and Kevin said...

So happy to hear Sam is doing well! Big answer to prayers for sure.

janet and gang

Annie said...

Precious, precious child!!!!!! Look at that smile - even in the hospital!!! SO glad it all went well. Praise God! Loved your last comment on my blog, BTW! LOL!