Friday, March 30, 2012

48 hours Post Op!

48 hours post op and they are already talking to us about going home!

His chest tubes came out today and he is taking walks.

He eats, he poops, he pees, he walks and needs very little pain med.

They can't think of any reasons to keep him in the hospital.

Sunday will most likely be the day.

Maybe Monday?

Did you know you can't lift a child who has just had heart surgery under the arms?

Me neither.

I found out (cringe) after I did it (cringe again).

They need to be scooped up with one arm under their body and the other behind their shoulders. 
It makes sense. 

 I just need to make sure that none of the children try to lift Luke (and another cringe), once he gets home.

Thanking God for this little boy!!
(And for HIS handi work in the OR!)

Thank you to my wonderful friends and their children that stayed at my house while I went to the hospital!!


LaRita said...

Praise God! How well he looks! Good job Mommy!

Sally-Girl! said...

Simply amazing!!! So thankful this is behind you!!!

From This Moment said...

Praise!! Luke is sp previous!

Holly said...

the nurses told me in the IS challenging but we've made it work :) Make sure to take a small pillow in the car with you on the ride home...the seatbelt against the broken sternum is NO good! Blessings!

Vicky said...

What an amazing post of recovery! God is so good!

Susan A said...

so glad to hear that Luke is doing well :)

and cringing along with you about Luke being lifted up under the arms, I didn't know that you're not supposed to... how about buying red tape and put a "X" on the front and back of his shoulder next to his arm pits so your children are reminded not to lift him up?

:) just a thought.

Jennifer P said...

Brilliant on the red tape idea. Amazing how well he is doing. What surgery did Luke have? He looks fantastic!

Shonni said...

Praising the LORD. I am so glad that all has gone well for him. What an adorable little guy!!!

Sarah said...

He is just the cutest thing!!! Praise God that he is doing so well.

Holly said...

Wonderful, wonderful news!!!

Wife of the Prez said...

I did know it but not before S had her OHS.

I am sorry I missed this. I had it in my brain it was later. Sorry!

My brain is not dependable these days as you can probably relate to.

So glad he flew threw but I'm not at all surprised. He is an HK after all.

HK=Heart Kid!

Hope your family has a BLESSED EASTER!
:) Leslie