Thursday, March 8, 2012

Adopting - the fast track!

Three times we have gone to China and brought home two treasures!

The first time was because the children were bio sisters. It is not common to find bio siblings but there had been another family in our area that had brought home bio sisters from China. I talked to the Mom quite a bit as we were preparing to bring home Sarah- our first older adoption. Her girls came home at 8 and 6. So when we saw these two adorable girls we felt like it was meant to be and we stepped out in faith.
Our time in China was very challenging but we quickly saw improvement once we got home. We were thankful for that as God had already called us to adopt again!

Emma and Ellie came home in July of 2010.
They are a blessing to our family!

Within a month of adopting the girls we were starting the paperwork trail again for Sam.

We had adopted Anna, Sarah, Emma and Ellie through CHSFS.
As I would look at their waiting child list- I knew our children would be there and they were... But after our 4 children came home, God started calling us in a different direction. 

It was hard to change agencies but we had heard of other families using different agencies for different adoptions, so we decide to give it a try. Our new agency (CCAI) was equally as friendly and accommodating. They were also willing to let us go at a faster pace and potentially adopt again if we and our social worker were comfortable with it.

Since we were in our fifties we were feeling called to adopt now... not later. Later... would have been too late. We also felt that we had children in China and the sooner we brought them home the better.

When I saw Sam's picture he took my breath away. We knew he was ours. Even before seeing the referral we both knew we would be accepting it.

The rules were beginning to change for China adoption and they were occasionally allowing families to bring two home at once.

If the door is open a crack- I'm the kinda person that will go through it so we decided to give it a try- why not!
The worst that could happen is they would say no.

As we were talking about doing this the rules changed once again and families were now allowed to bring home 2 at a time- as long as one of them was a special focus. That's all we needed- and we prayed for the child God had in mind?

Ava sat on the waiting child list.  Only one family had looked at her file... Her file was going to be returned. CCAI asked China if she could be considered a special focus child and they said YES!!


Sam and Ava came home on April 1st, 2011.
They have been an incredible addition to our family!

Since the Lord spoke to me and said "HE is your son", I watched Luke closely and had people looking for his file. I know that is not usually done and this was the first and only time for us.

BECAUSE- it all fell into place so effortlessly we knew it was all God!

Normally this situation would be so stressful but every step of the way, God was in control.
It was all Him and it just happened.
(and we are so so thankful)

Once again the paperwork was started within the first month we were home. Luke's referral arrived just as we returned from China and of course we were not going to argue with God or let jet lag get in the way of HIS plan- so we moved fast!

After everything was a go for Luke, we prayed - is there another one of your children Lord, that needs to come home?

At that point we were very used to bringing home two at a time and desired to do it again.

I had a very strong feeling like our other child was on the cornbread and chopsticks waiting child site.

Earlier, I saw sweet Arizona and thought God Bless the dear family that brings her home.
I prayed her diagnosis was wrong and that she would be okay.
I thought she was adorable BUT not necessarily the one.
I looked and looked at all those children that needed homes.

Hubby and I decided to try to find out more info on 4 of the kids on the list.
Doors shut- bummer...
Sweet Arizona(now Abby) was growing on us. We couldn't get her out of our minds. What were her chances to live if she stayed in China... none.
What were her chances to live IF we brought her home... better than none!

But just as we tried to get her referral another agency picked it up... was that our answer GOD?

A couple days later we received word that IF we were sure we would adopt her the other agency would transfer her referral to our agency.
Everyone wanted this little girl to have a family and to have a chance at life.

We were surprised because it's not common to transfer files   between agencies. It just doesn't happen often.

We then had to pray about it... were we sure?

Hubby came home that night and it was unanimous! 

Luke and Abby came home on December 17th, 2011!

The fast track was the right track for us and we are so thankful to have ALL of these children home!

We do have challenges but nothing that is too big for our God.
We are praying and trusting in HIS plan for our family.

Did we start another adoption?

No, we haven't...

We are taking a deep breath and enjoying God's blessings, finding our new normal and praying for his healing touch.

Will we adopt again?

We don't know?



Sarah said...

ooohhhhh....they are all so beautiful. You are blessed to have them, and they are blessed to have you!

Susan A said...

Warm post, beautiful :) I love how you and Jim are walking in the path with the Lord's leading. How so awesome!!! :) please pray that He will speak to me clearly like He did to you for Luke.

Mom Of Many said...

Oh how I love you and Jim's heart for the guys are heroes..true heroes! And truly...isn't being a fifty something mom of many the BEST? We will never ever be bored, will we girlfriend?? Love you!! Xo

Symasek Family Circus said...

Oh, thank you so much for this post - I love it! We have had quite a similar experience with this (our second adoption and 6th and 7th kiddos) adoption - God has orchestrated it all! We still get comments though, like "Surely you are done." How can we say, "We are done" if there are still more orphans, and the Lord is still guiding our life daily? Thank you for your willingness to walk the walk AND to share your faith with others!

Sarah said...

I would love to talk with you. We are with CCAI and in a similar situation. I am friends with Cathy Heald. We can do phone or email. My email is
Sarah Risley

MommaT said...

We love your story! We have done all of our 5 adoptions through CCAI - love them! One of our boys' files was being advertised on Holts website but since he was SF it was an easy fix...God sure is good isn't he:)