Friday, March 9, 2012

APB for a Little BOY!

Have you seen him?

Is he on your agencies waiting child list?


Our sources tell us he is no longer on the shared list- we need to find what agency picked him up!
(Okay, okay, I don't really have sources but it was really fun to say and I think it made me sound kinda important!)

This precious little boy cannot wait any longer!

He has been diagnosed with-
CHD: Persistent truncus arteriosus (PTA type); Dextropositioned aorta; VSD
 It is repairable here in the USA but not in China.

The problem is...
 the longer he waits he may be developing pulmonary hypertension.

Pulmonary hypertension is not curable and could shorten his life span and activity level.

Let's get this cute little guy home asap!!

First we need to find his file!!

Then we will work on a family for him!

If you have any info on him please leave a comment or email me at

Thank you for your help!!

God's Blessings to you!

(Thank you to those of you that have mentioned Sonia's blog- Cheaper By The Half Dozen/ His Hands His Feet- we are working together to try to find him!)


Cari said...

Jean...have you contacted Sonia from this blog:

She's been advocating for him and may have contact info.

Sarah said...

This is Sarah Risley. I left you a comment 2 days ago. This is the very same boy, my husband and I are trying to adopt. We are with ccai and this fellow is with aai. I am trying to get aai to transfer file to ccai. ccai says they don't do that. Can you please call me 423-645-5220 or email at Hurry!