Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Fun Weekend

Luke, Luke look at Momma...
Hellooooo, excuse me. 
Luke look over here!

Very funny, Luke...

Thank you Luke!

It was so nice to do something fun with the children! We went to the zoo last weekend!
Abby and Luke loved it- it was their first time!

There was quite a crowd looking at the bears but the children are good at making their way through the crowd and getting a front row view!

Oh my, I love them so much I think that even the backs of their heads are adorable!

Abby has forgotten how to smile and Sam keeps shutting his eyes- he's trying so hard not to that he ended up crossing his eyes!

Luke loves to be lifted up for a better view!
And yes that is a bruise on his check.
He got it right as his two black eyes were healing!
He tends to lead with his head  ;-)... as he falls...

Oh dear Lord - thank you for these blessings!

The zoo never seems to get old!

I love to look at the world from the eyes of a child!
Everything is so amazing! So full of wonder and excitement!

Yes, we will need to watch him like a hawk after his heart surgery. 
It will take 6 weeks for his chest to heal.
Wednesday(3/28) is the day of surgery and he is very healthy... right now... and hopefully will be then, too!

Ellie is doing so well. She is learning to read. 
It's slow go but she is making nice progress!

It was a beautiful and fun day!

Our little rule breaker and climber almost made it into the prairie dog cage!

The monkey bars are really hard and the children come home from China with no muscle development.
Ellie and Anna have worked hard in gymnastics to be able to do this!

Although I did not get a picture- Emma can do it too!
We are so proud of all of the children!

Once he is all healed up he will join in the family activities-
gymnastics, swimming and karate.
I am planning on putting Luke in preschool next fall. Just 2 afternoons a week.
I love homeschooling but I also love preschool and want him to have the experience.

YES, he fell and landed right on his forehead. And yes, that is a Dora bandaid he is sporting... it's the only bandaid I had ;-)

Once again, loving the zoo with the children!!


Martha @ Berrybliz said...

I can't wait to go to the zoo again, we went back in the fall. Right now, Baseball has taken over our weekends for a while. Soon as we can it'll be time for a quick zoo trip. always fun

Vicky said...

I love your outings with the children. What a beautiful family bumps, bruises and all! Children being children...that's what it all about!

Juli said...

Jean, I really enjoy your blog, but grey type on a black background is really hard to read. Could you consider black on white? My eyes would thank you.

Juli T.

Shonni said...

Looks like a wonderful day. I think of you and pray for you sweet friend.

Angie said...

I just love going to the zoo with the kids. We bought an annual pass this year and its already paid for itself!

Sally-Girl! said...

Loving your beautiful family!!! Oh my the photo of Sam climbing over the fence!!! How cute and how boy is that!!!!

Holly said...

I realize that Luke's heart surgery will be a totally different one than Elaina's was. She had a large ASD repaired. But, the cut sternum, the drain tubes and the healing on that end will be very similar. I just wanted to encourage you...Elaina wakled over 5 MILES in the hospital in the 72 hours she was there!! AND she came home on Children's Motrin only!!!!! she has done very well although she has developed cardiac effustion...fluid around the heart. They upped her Lasix and we go back tomorrow. Still...we had her 4th birthday party with just our family at home and she loved it...exactly ONE week after her open heart surgery. We were amazed! God has had His hand on her and little ones tend to bounce back so quickly! Blessings, Holly

thesleepyknitter said...

To Julie, who commented about the grey on black print -- I'm wondering if your internet service might be slow? When I first open this page, the words are gray on black and is very difficult to read, but after just a few seconds, the page finishes downloading, and then the page is black print on a grey background and is very easy to read.

Jamie said...

I'll be thinking of and praying for your little guy and your family tomorrow!

Juli said...

To thesleepyknitter - I thought I commented yesterday, but it didn't go through. I tried at work, and got what you described. I have cable internet at home, so I'm not sure why the difference. Perhaps because it's an iPad? Anyway, thanks for responding.

Juli T.