Thursday, March 22, 2012

A God Moment!

This happened in early March as I was preparing for Sarah's birthday.

As usual I was busy...

I had a few moments to myself and felt so thankful for that time!
I had no time planned for others.
 I would run my errands and pray during "MY TIME".

Like I said, I had no time for others...
It wasn't part of MY plan.

BUT, guess what?
My plan doesn't matter...
Because God had his own plan.

(I love it when he does that!)

(Blesses us with his plan, that is so much better than our plan!)

I stopped at the local party store to get a few things for Sarah's birthday party.

The clerk was so nice and friendly. 
She was not your average store clerk... she had many piercing and well, she was different from me.

I had seen her before and we were always pleasant but this time she wanted to strike up a conversation.

Did I mention I had an agenda, a plan for the day. I really wasn't planning on talking to anyone. 
Instead, I would pray my way through the day.
I really love doing that!

She began with talking about the children. 
They have been there many times and she remembered them.

She asked... "why did you adopt?"

Oh Lord, please forgive me...

I immediately thought of how I could begin and end this conversation as quickly as possible.
PLUS, I was tired of others asking and me muddling our way though our reasoning...

So, I kept it short and sweet

"It was a God thing,"
I said,
"We felt called to adopt."

figuring the conversation would pretty much end right there...

BUT, it didn't...
and once again God made himself so evident.
and once again, I was so humbled by HIM...

She began by telling me she was adopted.
(if I had a tail, it would have been right between my legs at this point)

She said that she and her sister were from Texas.
Her mother and her father were also "called to adopt".

BUT, God told them their daughter would be named Sarah.

Her mother searched all over the local waiting child list for a Sarah.

BUT, there were not any Sarah's.

Their agency mentioned two girls that were waiting in Texas.

The Mom made it very clear- no, no they aren't ours...

but then she went home and something inside of her said

look at those two girls from Texas...

The next weekend her and her husband drove to Texas to meet these two little girls.

She was Tanya and she had a big sister. They were 5 and 7 yrs old.

They met and the next thing you know they were driving back home with two little girls in their back seat.

As they were driving back to MN. the mom asked the girls-
 since you will be changing your last name would you like to change your first name, too?

Tanya, immediately answered YES!

 I would like my name to be Sarah... 



Okay... Lord

I had my agenda...

BUT your agenda was so much BETTER!


Needless to say, 

that was an awesome GOD moment!

Have you had God moment?

I would love to hear about it!

Put it in the comments OR blog on it and let me know!


Sarah said...

Oh, I'm so glad that you listened to God and experienced His moment! What a beautiful story!

Susan A said...

oh, I love it! it made me laugh with tears in my eyes! :) thank you so much for sharing this special story :) :) I love how He brought it to your attention, He surely is before you (ahead of you) and your rear guard (behind you). Awesome :)

Jboo said...

Love it! Thinking of you and your sweet family.


Lisa said...

Oh, wow, what an amazing story!

I have two God moments regarding my daughters' names. My younger daughter is Ruby, named after my maternal grandmother whose name was Ruby May. My Ruby's Chinese name is Xu Jun (pronounced shoo june). We very often call her "Ruby-June," so my Ruby June is named after my grandma, Ruby May.

Our other daughter's Chinese name is Lin and because this is a perfectly acceptable American-sounding name, and because she was 12 when we adopted her, we chose to keep her Chinese name. Well, the God moment is this: my paternal grandfather, Forrest, died in 1955, when my father was 9 years old. I've always said that if I ever had a son I would name him Forrest. So imagine my humbling surprise when I learned that in Chinese, "Lin" means "forest" ... Whoa!! God had chosen her to be my daughter, and gave her the name I would have given her, more than a decade before I knew anything about His plan!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I think the last two posts have been all God moments :)

But yes, I have had very clear God moments. Where just one more person asks me about our adoptions....and I want to just get on with my day like normal people....except I have no idea what that would be like ;) And it is amazing the amount of times people open up their hearts and share. Share what God has done in their lives, share that they see our children and can see the love we have for them, see that God is evident in our family- not just because of adoption. I amazes me. There are sooo many times I want to be sarcastic!!! HIT THEM!!! Or otherwise, but oh when the Spirit that sweet spirit whispers...... in my heart- you are mine, and your story is mine, and these people they are mine too. That is when I have to listen- or chose to regret it.


MommaT said...

Wow, that just gave me chills up and down my spine. You will certainly have to stay connected to that, thank you Lord for moments that reveal you are at work in every moment of our days

Sammy said...


Hunan Mommy said...

During this journey with our daughter, speaking with other people, going to receive medical care, or simply living daily life, I constantly remind myself that I'm not in control. It's definitively humbling knowing your simply a passenger on the bus and He's driving!

Janet and Kevin said...

That is a really neat story! Love it when God shows us how powerful he is! Oh my!!

janet and gang

Annie said...

WOW!!!!! I just love God's perfect plans!!!!! I do have a God moment, many actually but the latest one will have to wait for a while! Hehe!

Difference2This1 said...

That is such a great much fun that you were blessed have had that special encounter. I feel there was a "God moment" with every one of the children we adopted- whether we "choose" them or they were chosen for us.

Blessings, Jennifer

Cari said...

that's so moments like that!

Karin said...

Very cool! Just catching up on your blog. Love the bridesmaid pictures! :) So fun for you all to be planning a wedding in the midst of all the medical issues.

Peggy said...

What an awesome God Moment!

I do have one, and I hope I can keep this short. We brought our 4 year old daughter home from China in September 2011. She has post-operative congenital glaucoma. We first saw a pediatric ophthalmologist (PO) that we chose before we left for China. When we arrived home he examined our daughter and told us she is here for a purpose and God has had his hand on our her because her sight is much better than it could or should be. Then as we were falling in love with this PO he told us he would not be able to be her regular PO because he was moving his practice to the southern end of our state. He sent a letter to another PO (they are few and far between in our area) and checked to make sure our insurance would cover the new PO. We were disappointed because we were so happy with our original PO. As the new doctor was examining our daughter he asked, "Where did she have her surgeries?" I said, "Taiyuan..." He spun around on his stool and cut me off asking excitedly, "Taiyuan City?! Not Taiwan but Taiyuan City?!" I said, "Yes, Taiyuan City, Shanxi, China." Then he blew us away with, "I am planning a medical mission trip to Shanxi Ophthalmology Hospital." That is the very hospital where our daughter had her eye surgeries! Needless to say we were no longer disappointed in having to go to a new doctor...we know it was orchestrated by God! Our adoption of THIS child was orchestrated by God!