Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making life work!

Abby had her port put in on Thursday morning. It is a short surgical procedure but she needed to go through recovery before coming home. The site is very painful for  48 hours. We kept her medicated for pain.

The home health care nurses came in the evening and set up her chelation.
The back pack was heavy and her site was sore.
We had her take it EASY and REST.

The good news was by the next morning the bag was significantly lighter because it had infused overnight!

She did better and better each day!

On Saturday eve the nurse came back and unhooked it.

I am an RN with an expired license. I may learn how to do this without having to have a nurse visit and then again, 

I may not.

Sometimes it's just nice to be Mom...

As a nurse- once you learn it, it is so simple and doable.

BUT the whole experience is rather emotional and... well...


All the nurses, Drs and support staff are so kind and helpful. They really try to make it work for us.
I am so thankful, if we had struggles with medical staff- I think I'd have to cry.
The challenges are so great already.

The other children were so kind and so helpful to Abby.
It is heartwarming to see them help her!

Luke stayed inside and played with her while the others took a break and enjoyed the nice day.

We are constantly evaluating his cough- hoping and praying to get his surgery successfully done and get him on the road to recovery!

Abby was looking much better by Saturday evening!

We celebrated St. Paddy's day with green frosted cupcakes!

They were tasty and messy!

Emma has been doing better lately!

More smiles, a little more talking and just seems to be more content!

We are going to LOVE the port and having the treatments done at home!!



Sally-Girl! said...

So thankful for you my dear friend!!! SO THANKFUL!!!

Jennifer P said...

Good news to have taken the next step. Glad that she did well. Be a Mom. Go with your gut there!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, that's good news! And I'm glad that Emma is doing better, too. Maybe she just needed a sense of stability with you at home.

Holly said...

Good news all around! Praying for you!

Sue said...

Sounds like the kids are making baby steps and I like your part about just being a nurse and letting the medical personal do the medical stuff.

Jo's Corner said...
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Jo's Corner said...

You may reach a point someday, when Abby can access her own port! When I am doing IV antibiotics and sometimes chemo, I access and pull the needle from my own port. Of course, there is always a nurse present while I access it, but since it stays accessed for days at a time, it's only that time that I have someone with me. When it's in your own body, you learn to know how to do it with the least amount of pain. For me, it's a matter of holding the sides of the port firmly and then the needle slides in easily. Abby is a Miracle Girl and I believe that God has huge things planned for her life!!