Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hubby and I are a tag team. We have limited babysitting this week since our sitter is on spring break.

I was able to get to the hospital for a few hours to see Luke. 
I was quite nervous. The surgery went well but but but...
well, you know-
 mothers tend to worry...
I prayed and prayed for our dear boy.

Thank you, thank you, for your prayers and we will gladly accept more for his recovery.

When I arrived he was on a ventilator and an external pacemaker.

As the younger children said when they saw the pics- wow, he's hooked up to a lotta stuff!

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Within on hour of me being there he woke up, he was taken off the vent and the NG tube.
Next the external pacemaker was turned off and Luke's sweet heart beat on it's own! Within a few minutes it was in a beautiful rhythm!


He was shaking his head yes and no and being his wonderful mellow self!

He is resting most of the time.
But woke up and had a talk with Daddy/ hubby.

They said about 3:00am the children tend to "wake up".

Hubby has the night shift ;-)

Oh, my goodness do I love this little boy!!

AND I know that he is very very loved half way across the world!

His O2 sat is 99% and all other vitals are looking good!

Can we have another-


I am at home now. 
Abby is starting her 2nd chelation at home. We are so thankful that we can do this at HOME!!

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Janet and Kevin said...

Thanking God Luke's surgery went so very well. Poor little fellow in those pictures, praying he is feeling like himself in no time, too!

Praying for Abby as she starts another round of treatments.

Hugs sweet friend,
janet and gang

Sean and Lisa said...

Praising God with you!!!!
He's such a precious gift!

Difference2This1 said...

So thankful to read Luke did well!! Prayers for....all going on in the hospital...and all going on at home. And the parents balancing it all!!! Blessings, Jennifer

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...


Jennifer P said...

Such a brave little boy!

Holly said...

All of us on Team Luke are shouting PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, precious, precious boy! Praise God that he is doing so well!

Sally-Girl! said...

Praising God right there with ya!!! As you know you have been carried in my heart all day long!!!

Babsi said...

Thank God!
Even if I did not comment, but a lot of prayers from Germany!

Bless you


Vicky said...

Praising the Lord with you!

Faye Verquer said...

PRAISE GOD! How awesome! I love seeing the pictures of him even though they look scarey it shows how well he is doing! What a Miracle little boy you have awesome to witness Gods work daily!

Love you guys


mary said...

Sweet, sweet boy! So grateful that everything is going so well. Praying that you and Jim get the rest you need.

Jen said...

He truly is a sweet, brave boy!! Praising God right with you! Now on to recovery and good health for little Luke!

Kelly said...


A friend of ours that we met through Chinese School, Dan Bliss - he was the martial arts instructor when we were there - anyway, he's a Korean adoptee in his first year at UW - Madison. He is involved in a huge bone marrow drive. I'm going to paste the update his mother sent me.
Inserted message: Dan's event to to get people registered is going great. He has 9 different organizations working together to make this happen. He got a company in Germany paying for the event. he has contacted 3 different families that have children whose children are in need of a transplant and will be using their stories and pictures in their fliers. He has gotten permission for UW Madison to block off State Street for this cause. May 5th is the big date...say prayers for huge success.

Many prayers for this event and your family. Hopefully, we will see you again once summer is here and we are attending playgroup more frequently!

Happy Easter!
Kelly Arnold