Friday, March 2, 2012

So Thankful to have this DONE!

We are so thankful to have this behind us!!

On this adorable little boys referral it said "massive cavities".
Oh my! We did worry, BUT once again God pulled through in a really big way!

Luke has been home for 2.5 months and he did okay with his "massive cavities".
He never complained about pain and he went on with his daily life.

I was shocked and disappointed when we got the date for his dental work...
It seemed like it was so so far away...
I just prayed about it and gave it to GOD- He new when it needed to be done!

And once again the ultimate healer delivered!

Luke did GREAT with all of the necessary dental work!

Are you ready...

8 crowns!
6 silver and two white beauties in the front uppers!
PLUS 2 fillings!

10 teeth restored in all!
Thank you Jesus!

(okay, I can't forget to mention the bonus circumcision)

I know, I know... he'll never trust the dentist AGAIN!

Here he is post op! 
He pointed to his IV and said "Momma, ouch!"

He greeted me with no tears, he was sitting up and doin pretty good!

So, I even asked my sweet boy for a smile!
AND I got it!

Really LORD!
How can these precious little packages come to us so so cute!!

He won the hearts of all the nurses and Doctors!
They all know he will be back for his heart surgery...

His Momma is not ready to talk... or think about that , yet...

One thing... or one surgery at a time...

God will help me and him prepare for the next one...
My trust is in HIM!

While we were at the hospital the doggies went to the groomer,
Luke did not recognize Penny!
It was so cute!
We kept saying  "Luke this is Penny!"
And he kept saying. "NO"

After about 15 minutes he recognized her!
And he happily shouted out, "Penny!"

So so thankful to our heavenly Father!!

Gotta go so I can hurry upstairs and sleep next to the cutest little boy in town!


Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh, poor Luke!!!

All that dental work AND a circumcision! Poor little guy!

So glad he pulled through it all like such a trooper.

And you are right...he will never trust a dentist ever again. The association is etched in his brain forever!

Nice texting you this afternoon. :)

Holly said...

Aw....Precious! Praying with you all until all the surgeries are DONE!

Vicky said...

You are an incredible mom! Praying that Luke does well, remembering Abby too!

Angie said...

Wow! That's a pretty multi-talented dentist!! :) Amarin's first crown is loose and he's hoping the tooth fairy really pays up for this one!

Janet and Kevin said...

He is a cutie pie - oh my! So glad his dental surgery is over. Our Sophia had to have massive amounts of dental work when she first came home, too!

janet and gang

thesleepyknitter said...

:-) So glad he did well! Our little girl's file said her teeth were "just fine", but in two weeks she is having surgery for 15 fillings and 6 crowns! She has already had 2 other fillings since she arrived home for months ago -- her front teeth had big, black holes through them, so we had those taken care of right away for the sake of her appearance as she made friends at school.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness gracious, he is just the cutest little thing! What a trooper!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Joshua had 12 cavities at age 3 :) He had surgery and doesn't remember a thing except "coming to". NICE! So he doesn't worry about the dentist.

LOVE seeing your babes and soooo EXCITED for your family and the upcoming wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I will see from your eyes what Jason's mum must have felt- being so far away........

Sally-Girl! said...

Honestly, want to know how you got the dentist to do the "other"! Robert has wanted to do just that during all the surgeries Bryson has had, but was too embarrassed to ask! Figured we would just leave as is created!