Saturday, March 31, 2012

Typos ;-)

Have you noticed that I have a typo in pretty much every post I write?

It's true, 

I do.

I know it.


it used to bother me...


it doesn't anymore...

I'm not a good typer


 I'm a busy Momma. 

Together the equal= 



Soooo, if your lookin for perfection, and your on my blog...

You are lookin in the wrong place!

Please just read right over them or fill in the blank yourself!

No time for perfection here-

 just time for lovin Jesus


lovin the children!

No one has complained about my typos- 
I figured I just let ya'll know that it's just part of the blog!

FYI... and sometimes I pretend I'm a Minnesotan from the south and use words like ya'll and lovin and lookin...

Just go with it!





And here are some pics from last week for your viewing pleasure!

Karate is only a block away from T*rget and the weather was so nice we walked over while Sarah and Ellie were doing Karate.

I had to make sure I didn't buy too much or anything too heavy for my helpers!

They just love to help!
AND I love it when they help!

Luke has two bags of chocolate chips(for baking) in his bag!

and yes, I did run ahead of them and take pictures as they were walking toward me!!

I just think they are so cute!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Ummm...they are CUTE!!

And ummm...I am pretty sure my typos are pretty bad. I probably make people question why I am homeschooling...he he he he

Sarah said...

So cute!!

Susan A said...

love your pictures of your kids :)

i don't usually notice typos until one points them out, and nobody does :)

Vicky said...

I love the way you think to take photos of the things you do! I'm one of those moms that always forgets her camera...even the one on my phone!

You have a beautiful family and I had never noticed your typos!

I'm thankful Luke is doing so well. How's the search for bone marrow for Abby?