Saturday, April 21, 2012

Annoying brothers and new glasses!

Guess who is home again!
Yep- it's Mark!

I was trying to take a pic of all the big kids (except Matt).

The title for the picture above is 3 Mulvahills and a Burgess!
(that will be Kate's new name)
Don't worry honey- Andrew will beat them up if they don't behave!
YES, brothers can be so annoying!

They were incredibly immature throughout the whole evening...
so of course it was a lot of fun!

Do you know how hard it is to get a decent picture of this crew?

It's a downright painful experience!

I think you are beginning to understand...


The evening was so much fun with all the big and little kids around!

Then the thumb wars got started!

This is real competition!

Everyone seems to need a little lap time!
Which I love!

Have you noticed that I have new glasses?
There is a huge problem with new glasses!

 Biggest problem is...
I can see better and I'm looking older than I thought I was...

Sometimes ignorance is bliss!
God made our vision worse at this point in our lives for a reason!
He is so so smart!
But new glasses just killed the fantasy!

Okay, I am also a little competitive and wanted to win the thumb war!

But, I didn't!

Good job Ava!


Sarah said...

You are incredibly young-looking to me! Plus, you are definitely young at heart!


Angie said...

Just're the youngest in your "mature" group of friends!

Sally-Girl! said...

Why is it fun for us when our grown children act immature when they get together? I think it is because our hears are full when we seeing them loving each other as adults and having fun together!!

I love your new glasses! Just this am I admitted that I can't read my email messages on my iphone without a pair of glasses on! Funny though later in the day I can. It's only in the morning.

Holly said...

Such a fun post! And I just your Ava. Her smile lights up her whole face. She reminds me of my Sarah, and I do Sarah's hair that same way a lot. Loved ALL the pictures, and your new glasses! : )

lisaplus6 said...

your blog is really special. I enjoyed reading your posts today..... may God bless your family!