Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Blessings!

It was Luke's first Easter!

It was Sam's second Easter (although he can't remember the first since he was home only 2 weeks).
It was Abby's first Easter!

It was Ava's second Easter!
It was also Emma and Ellie's second Easter!

It was Sarah's 4th Easter and Anna's 5th Easter!

Egg coloring was a huge hit!
The only problem is... with so many children they only got to do 2-3 eggs apiece...
I had a few unsatisfied customers.

We had only 4 casualties! Not bad considering the clientele I was dealing with!

I love going to church with this crew! They all sit so nicely! 
I'm referring to the littles of course!
The big kids do cause a bit of trouble! 
After church we took a moment to admire the tulips!

Abby and Luke love the bigs kids... and the doggies!

One by one, they came to welcome Billy!

The big kids love how excited the little get to see them!
It never gets old! 
They great him like this every time!
And we see Billy at least twice a week!

The invited guests!

After brunch we had an egg hunt!
The 4 bigs did the hiding and the 8 littles did the finding!

Next on the agenda is the "EGG FIGHT"!

It's a family tradition! 
Everyone get's into it and wants to win!

Everyone gets one hard boiled egg and then we pair up and smash them together.
If your egg breaks you are out of the competition.
Sorry Johnny!

One year Kate shallacked (sp?) her egg.

Yep, we take our egg fights seriously around here!

For the championship it was down to Kate and Mark!

Guess who won?
Yep, she is a little obnoxious!

Then it was outside for some bubbles, bikes and chalk time!

Thank you Jesus for setting us free from sin!

Such precious treasures from God!
All eager to hear God's word and feel the love of Jesus!

All the children said "This was the best Easter ever!"

They say that about every holiday... every year!

Kind of an ego booster for the parents!

 Of course, the Masters Tournament was on at our house in the afternoon!

And the day ended with our personal juggler!

Who needs a circus?

We already have one!

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Annie said...

Love it Jean!!!! The egg fight is just the best! I will HAVE to remember that for next year. What a beautiful family, Jean!!! You all are just so incredibly blessed!