Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Educated on BMT

We met with the transplant team this morning.

We really didn't know what to expect - we went into the appt with an open mind.

It was interesting to say the least and it left us very thankful that we were so close to a facility that does bone marrow transplants.
Some families have to travel out of state for this- we get to drive 25 minutes away from our home.

Huge blessing!

They told us to plan for 2 months in the hospital. If it goes extremely well it will be shorter. After that it will be 3 months of regular Dr appt- about every other day we will have to go in. There are many possible complications that could arise so they need to see her often after the transplant.

It is going to take quite a bit of planning and scheduling so we can meet the needs of Abby and our family at home. We just have to put our faith in God and move forward. He has a plan and I am certain it's a good one!

Her MDS is not acting like typical MDS. The Dr said it is extremely rare for a child to have this disease. Usually if a child does have it, it progresses into Leukemia quickly and doesn't hang around for 4 years like Abby's, without progressing.

HUGE, Huge blessing! Thank you God!!

They will monitor her closely to be sure it doesn't change into Leukemia.

If they see anything changing they will do the transplant asap.

They hope to do the BMT in 6 months.

They had not actually started the donor search but will be starting it now. We should know what the results are in 2-3 weeks.

They can use donors from the registry or cord blood donors. Both have a few positives and negatives BUT they generally have the same outcome. So for a child one is not better than the other.

Possible options! Another huge blessing from God!

Abby has a 70% chance that it will work and she will have a pretty normal life however her chances for other cancers and complications from the chemo will always be part of her life.



Sarah said...'s so much to think about, Jean. I'm praying for your sweet girl, and so grateful for all that God has done in her life thus far!

Difference2This1 said...

So many prayers for wisdom and clarity in how to balance everyone's needs. It is certainly a blessing how close you are to where you need to be....God must have had something to do with that one!! So glad Abby is with your family. Blessings, Jennifer

Chris said...

My nephew had a bone marrow transplant and the actual transplant was not as traumatic as I pictured. His sister turned out to be a perfect match. She was given a med to make her body produce an abundance of bone marrow (forget how long it took) and then they simply "harvested" it from her blood instead of an actual bone marrow aspiration.
I'm hoping something like that is a possibility for Abby, but I realize you have a unique situation.
Praying that the search is a good match

Diane said...

Glad the news is so encouraging. Hopefully a great match is found soon!

Holly said...

Praying, praying, praying for the best match, and that all will go well!! FB me a message if you would ever like to chat about the whole BMT process. Hugs to you!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...


And by the way where did you find such cute bunnies ;) he he he....the picture of your kiddos together- BROUGHT A HUGE SMILE TO MY FACE!!!! LOVE the family God has given you :)

Sammy said...

3 months in the hospital is a long time. Bless your hearts, but you will get through it.