Friday, April 27, 2012

G*ggle, G*ggle, Quack

The children LOVE to go to plays at our local Stages Theater!
They are for the 10 and under crowd and all of our children are able to understand them!
We usually read the book before we go to the play so they can understand what is going on.

Giggle, Giggle, Quack was wonderful! They were all laughing at the antics of the farm animals, Farmer Brown and his twin brother Bob!

Before it began a bloggy friend came up to us to say "hello"!

It was so fun to meet Cindy from Minnetrista! She has two treasures from China!

After the play we love to get a pic with the actors!

 If you are familiar with the books- Duck is on the lower left and will be once again in the play "Duck for President" next fall! Yay, he was incredible and we can't wait to see him again!

This is the book... if you look at it sideways... sorry!

In a couple weeks we will be going to
"Where the Mountain Meets the Moon"

It is from chinese folklore and we know the little girl that is in it!
I bought the book! We had planned to read it! It was longer that I had expected... and I can't find it ;-)
I have looked everywhere...

sooooooo, we won't be reading that story...

BUT, we will be enjoying the play!


Lori said...

Oh, what FUN!!

Honest-to-pete...I can barely gather my troops to make a run to Walmart. I so admire you taking your's to the theatre.

I'm a slacker.

There, I said it.

Diane said...

Such a neat experience for the kids!

Annie said...

LOVE that book!!!! What fun that must have been!!!

quilt'n-mama said...

Our kids love theater too. I wish ours was closer, it's 3 hours each way . Sadly, we haven't made it this year but your post has me looking at schedules and figuring it out :-)

Shonni said...

What fun!!! I want to come with ya’ll.

David and Janet Hurley said...

I love those books! I wish our kids theater would do something like that. I have checked the schedule the past 2 years , and have not liked their choices=(.
Maybe next year.