Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Anna!!

Anna's birthday was yesterday! April 2nd!
But we celebrated a week early because of Luke's upcoming surgery.
We didn't think he would be home for the party and couldn't imagine celebrating without him.

You can always celebrate a little girls birthday early BUT you cannot celebrate it late!

The children are always so happy to see their big brothers!

Sarah is such a big help in the kitchen!
Here she is helping with the appetizers!

My sister joined us!
SHE was invited... and her dog?
He was a party crasher!
Thank goodness the children love doggies!!

The children love it when the big kids come home and Auntie Barbie comes over!

Happy Birthday Anna!

The party was last minute but we pulled it off!
Everyone had so much fun!

We can't fit everyone around our super large table any more so we have to use the counter, too.
Because it was Anna's birthday she got to sit with us!

Don't mean to have Luke away from the rest of the gang but to be honest we just wanted him to stay healthy!

The children are so so happy on their birthday.
We really don't plan much but no matter what we do- they LOVE it!

So many birthdays go unnoticed for the children that wait...
So thankful they are all home now and celebrated!

Anna was thrilled with her gifts!
Thank you Bu*ld a Bear!

That seems to be the latest craze at our house!

And here are the party crashers  Penny and Pugsley- with their mothers!
Katie was not feeling 100% so once she fessed up we kept here away from Luke!

Who knew a simple red jump rope when be so much fun!

Anna came home home at 16 months and now she is 6 years old!
She was our first little one from China!
They grow up much too fast...

Praising HIM for these blessings! 
Oh ya and for my sister, too!
Love ya, Barb!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!!

Sue said...

Happy birthday Anna, and Welcome home Luke.

Lori said...

So adorable!! I can't believe how big Anna is getting.

Love the "party crashers and their mothers" pic. Hilarious!

Looks like you pulled off another great crowd-pleasing event! Way to go!

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday beautiful, sweet Anna.

janet and gang

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Anna! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

julie said...

I know what you mean about birthday's not being acknowledged...our sweet Mia just celebrated her first (actually 10th) birthday with us. It broke my heart when she said "China, no birthday, China, no cake, China, no party, China, no presents" :-(

It looks like all the kiddos had a good time. Just had to tell you...we are driving to Chicago tomorrow, where Mia is going to see her BFF from her orphanage. They have a layover in Chicago on their way home from CHina. I CAN NOT wait to get these two together again. They have been Skyping...it is so sweet.

Difference2This1 said...

Happy Birthday Anna!! Looks like you had a great party with so many people who love you close by!!!!